November Knitting Roundup

Friday, November 30, 2007
This month was pretty productive for me - nothing like Christmas knitting deadlines to whip my butt into shape!

Skeins knit: 11.4 Note: pictures and links will be coming as soon as the photographer comes home...
2 skeins cotton: 3 washcloths (Mandarin Lemon, Open Hourglass, Waffle Stitch)
3 skeins Lamb's Pride Bulky: 3 Jayne Hats
2 skeins Patons Divine: Fluffy Hug Wrap
2 skeins Cotton Ease: scarf and 2 baby hats
1 skein Lamb's Pride Worsted: 3 felted bowls/baskets
1 skein Wool-Ease: basic men's mittens
0.4 skeins Sassy Stripes: mittens

Skeins given away: 5.6 (in my blogiversary contest)

Skeins purchased: 2 (from the Mass Audubon Drumlin Farm - how do you pass up wool from sheep you've just met?)

Which comes to a running total of 15 skeins destashed for the current period (which ends January 31st)! The goal is 20 skeins destashed over the whole November-January quarter.

My further plans for Christmas, etc., knitting should take up 10 more skeins (blanket, hats, mittens). And then I have another baby blanket to knit - but I'll probably have to purchase new yarn for this, as I am pretty much out of green. I may be able to use the leftover from A's blanket (I have 6 skeins and will only need 4) but that will make it tight. On the other hand, H's blanket will be a half-sized one, so possibly I'll get away with using just the two of the Cotton-Ease. That stuff has amazing yardage!

I have decided that next year I'll be moderating my stashbusting goals a bit. Instead of trying to get rid of a specific amount, I'll be focusing on limiting my purchasing to yarn needed for known projects with a cast-on date of less than a month in the future. I will, of course, also be working away on my stash, but with a bit less stress. We'll see if it works.

The other goal I'm setting for myself is to knit from the books I own. In entering my library into Ravelry I realized that I have a lot of knitting books. About half are stitch pattern/technique books (which get used pretty regularly already), a sixth are knitting essay/humor books (Yarn Harlot, etc), and the remaining third are complete garment pattern books. Of this last third, I have used maybe one or two to knit a complete pattern all the way through - most have been used as references and idea tomes. My feeling is, if I don't actually use a pattern from a book within the 2008 year, I should sell/give away that book. It's clearly not doing me any good on my shelves and should go find a forever home that will love it. So, 2007 was "Knit from Your Stash." 2008 will be "Knit Using Your Books."


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