Jayne Hat

Friday, November 16, 2007
Joss Whedon fans, show off your true natures by knitting and wearing the most famous piece of knitting from the short-lived but excellent series “Firefly.”

Of course, it is modeled on the hat that Ma Cobb sends to Jayne in the episode The Message. There is much debate in the ‘verse over proper colors - particularly whether the earflaps should be red or orange. While popular opinion seems to have come down somewhere in the middle, I’ve been informed by someone who knows someone who asked the costumer’s assistant who knit the thing that there was only one hat, and Adam Baldwin kept it after filming wrapped. Go figure.

The basic idea is that this hat should LOOK homemade, and possibly poorly homemade at that - and so it’s a great project for a beginning knitter OR an advanced one who wants to knit while watching “Firefly” and/or “Serenity” on DVD.

The hat would also look shiny in other variations of colors; it takes less than half a skein of each of the three colors when using Lamb’s Pride Bulky.

Available in my Ravelry Shop (no registration necessary; pay by PayPal) for $5

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Gauge: 12sts and 18 rows to 4in (10cm)
Finished size: Adult S/M (circumference 18in/45cm) [M/L (Finished circumference 21in/53cm)]

3 skeins Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky (85% wool; 15% mohair) [125yd/114.3m to 100g/3.5oz] - one skein each of Red Baron (C1), Rust (C2), and Sunburst Gold (C3) (or three colors of your choosing) - pattern will use approx 1/3rd skein of each color
US 11 (8mm) needles; whatever trick you use for circular knitting
Stitch markers; 1 of one color plus 7 of another (or one that is obviously for the beginning of the row, plus 7 additional)
Crochet hook (size not critical)
Darning needle

Never be afraid of anybody walkin' down the street.


  • Maureen

    Cute hat pattern!! Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the great prize that arrived at my door! I love the yarn and can't wait to use it for a project!!

  • The Intern

    I used your pattern to make a good friend his beloved jayne hat (he lost one another friend had made him a while ago).
    thought you might be interested.
    This is my post about it. :3

  • The Intern

    ... I just realize that the link I left was for the wrong thing!
    There, that is the hat. Sorry about that!

  • Unknown

    I know this design is a bit older, but I love Firefly and loved that episode! So glad you chose to share this!

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