10 Great Things that have happened since I started blogging

Saturday, November 03, 2007
I'm in a retrospective mood - the whole 1 year of blogging thing - so I thought I'd run down a list of what's happened since I started this blog (related to the blog) that keeps me going. It's been a rough year, in other ways, so having a source of fun/organization/communication/community is very very important to my sanity (and my family's!).

1: I reconnected with my college roommate and "nearly sister" (we were born in the same hospital a few days apart, then grew up in different places and met in college. our grandfathers probably knew each other when they were in college too!) Alison. I promise that after Christmas I'll work on the tote project!

2: I started paying attention to what I was knitting, including writing up patterns for those that I am not embarrassed to admit to. This has two Great Things, actually - so 2a is that I'm being more creative with my knitting since I'm paying attention to what I've already done, and 2b is that I'm enjoying getting feedback on my patterns/projects and helping people with tricky bits, all through the comments (see, particularly, the comments on the Checkerboard Baby Blanket).

3: I got three patterns published in online knitting magazines (Reduce Reuse Recycle, Sadz Resama Bega, and Skirtsicle). This has taught me good pattern writing skills as well as made me think even more creatively about knitting.

4: I joined several swaps - and mainly I'm excited about this because I got to see the interesting things that other people are making (and I expanded my Bloglines list!). I've got quite a list of patterns that I'd like to make - or ideas for patterns to create - based on stitches, shapes, and yarns that I've seen in the swaps.

5: I "met" several people through swaps who are cool. Cass, you are not just a wicked funny blogger, you make me feel like being anti-wool isn't as weird as most knitters seem to think it is. Ok, maybe "not weird" isn't the right term - maybe it's just that I feel less of a loner... NOTE: Cass is having a contest to celebrate her 333rd post. Go enter! Tell her I sent you!

6: I joined Ravelry! This has been great primarily because it helps me keep track of stuff - projects in process, stash (ouch), projects upcoming. I also like being able to search for patterns, though that functionality is still a bit clunky (but getting better).

7: The whole stash issue is slowly getting resolved. I admit, last year at this time I knit with cheap yarns, and didn't really know what it was that I was knitting. In January I decided to knit primarily from my stash - and so I joined two "-alongs" to help me do that. One group fell apart when the mod resigned, but the other (Stashalong) is going great guns. This kind of support group has been really helpful for me - keeps me honest, if nothing else. I estimate that I've used up a net of 22 skeins this year. The real news is that the skeins I've added are much higher quality (and actually not that much more expensive) than what I'd had before.

8: I've started posting patterns for sale - and people have actually bought them! Coming soon: the Pinnacles Scarf, made with Crystal Palace Wool Bam Boo!

9: I've gotten a lot of comments that have been really helpful with designing and knitting new projects. Go check out the comments/entries on my Blogiversary contest to see what I mean. I'll be summarizing all the comments there in a post when the contest ends, too.

10: I started a new blog in August (I think) for the 20 Hats Project, to organize my hopes of getting 20 preemie hats made/collected by Christmas 2007. I'm also inviting people who want to knit for their local hospital. So far I've made six hats and have collected three more (and two small blankets), so am halfway to my goal. I also joined the 25 Things for Charity group, and am more than halfway to 25, including scarves for the ASIST III Auction, hats for Caps for Kids, hats for the UNC Cancer Hospital, a Snuggles blanket, some squares for Warm Up America, and the six 20 Hats Project hats. Wow!


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