One Year Later... A Blogiversary Contest

Wednesday, October 31, 2007
So I realized this morning that I've been blogging for just over a year now, and so it seems that it is time for the obligatory blogiversary contest. I'm just amazed at how many readers I have - and that some of you actually come back after the initial visit!

Here's the contest: I'm working on Christmas knitting (aren't we all), and need some inspiration. I'm making two hats out of bulky/worsted cotton, two sets of fingerless gloves from DK weight yarns, some toddler sweaters, felted bowls, place mats, a bag or two, a stuffie (lamb? dog? sheep? it's white fluffy yarn)... and am fresh out of ideas.

You get one entry in the contest for posting in the comments a link (or more, but only one entry per person for commenting!) to your favorite pattern for one of the above items. Only Fetching is out of bounds here... been there, done that, ready for something else (loved it!).

You'll get another entry for posting to your blog that you've entered the contest (let me know in the comments that you've done so!).

Contest will run until next Wednesday at midnight, US ET (with the time change, I can't remember if it's EST or EDT!).

Prizes: 500g (approx 400yds?) of recycled sari silk, wound into balls on my nifty ball winder, and a copy of Zen and the Art of Knitting.


  • Michelle

    How about knitting my Snow man hat ...I have the pattern 'nearly' finished writing up and ready to post in my Etsy soon.. but I will give it to you if I win your contest :-)

    here's a link to the 'newborn' one that I knit quite a while ago, and have since worked up the toddler, and 3-5 yo sizes... I am still working on the 6-8 yo size...

  • Michelle

    Dang... the full link didn't show up...

  • Laura

    Knit pure and simple cardigan

  • evergreenknits

    For the bulky/worsted cotton hat, you could try one of the super-soft organic cotton yarns: Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton or Henry's Attic Inca Cotton. Blue Sky Alpacas has a very simple hat here, and a similar, but free, pattern is at Minds Eye Yarns. Both cottons are incredibly soft. Inca Cotton is definitely more durable, but you may not like that it's a thick and thin yarn.

    To check out fingerless glove patterns, you could look at the Fingerless Mitts for Fall KAL

    And I posted about your contest on WiKnit, my knitting contest blog

  • squiggi

    How about a felted birdhouse purse. It looks complicated, but it's super easy

  • Heddy

    For the stuffie ... how about the felted sheep from Fibre Trends? the pattern is sweet, and they are dead easy! you have to purchase the pattern, but they knit up so fast, that you will have time to make several, or get the rest of your knitting done!

    all their toys look adorable!

  • edina

    Last Minute Knitted Gifts has a super easy fingerless gloves pattern. You can see the ones I made here:

    I posted your contest on my blog, too.

    Happy Knitting!

  • Ren

    for the stuffie, i made a bunny out of fluffy white yarn. pattern here and my post about it here. if that doesn't suit you, here is a sheep i've wanted to knit: woolie the ewe. if you're into off-the-beaten-path stuffies, maybe bob is for you. one last thought is a bunny or kitty from this pattern. i'll stop pestering you with ideas now. : )

  • Jen C

    This looks like a great fingerless mitten pattern with nice thumb shaping that could be easily adapated to add cables, lace, etc.

  • Turtle

    Hi there, i love fingerless gloves! I usually just do up the "simple rib style, but found a blog with a plethora of patterns on the side bar! I joined but you can view and use patterns without joining as well. the link is:

  • ikkinlala

    For the toddler sweaters, I think the Devan cardigan from Knitty ( is adorable. I haven't tried making it yet, though.

  • Maureen

    I am loving this knitting challenge!!! Here are a few inks for you: Mermaid fingerless gloves and one of my favorites Spohie Bag

    Good luck on your holiday knitting! I have posted on my blog to your contest.

  • Elizabeth Delisi

    Trying again as it didn't post the whole link.

    You know, last year I wanted to make some fingerless gloves, but they were for a man, and the only patterns I found were too girly. At last I came up with this one: Men's Fingerless Glovesand it worked perfectly.

    Good luck with your Christmas knitting!


  • Alison

    Happy one year blogiversary!! Hmm, pattern ideas...

    The stuffie - I'm a fan of offbeat. White fluffy yarn? Maybe a big tooth, like the pillows/toys you see at the Dentist's? Here's one in crochet. Or a nice big snowman - you could make a little hat and arms and even jacket from other spare yarn.

    The fingerless gloves - I messaged you on Ravelry with this, but I found a neat blog post on converting sock patterns to mittens. You could try something similar to fingerless gloves, picking an interesting DK sock pattern to convert. Maybe something like this?
    Ooh, or from the same blog, these?

    For felted bowls, I've thought about learning moebius - this one is pretty amazing (Somersaulting Rim Trifold Bowl from Cat Bordhi's Second Treasury of magical knitting).

    For the hats, how about something with mad cables, like this 'You don't know our women' hat (there are projects in other colors on Ravelry that look better!)

    OK, I'm out of steam. But I got to say "mad cables" :). May come back with bag, sweater, and placemat ideas (I really want to learn mitered squares...), and I will certainly post this contest on my blog... Again, happy blogiversary!!

  • hannah

    Both of my suggestions come from Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson... I'm loving the book right now. I recommend the Hand/wrist warmers as the pattern is quick, easy and looks great. I also suggest you check out Kim's hats or Children's cotton hats, both of which are cute and quick - ideal gift knits!

  • Monique

    My favorite adult hat pattern can be found here. I love it because it's simple, easy, and versatile. You can
    use self-stripping or variegated yarn or do a stitch pattern or make stripes.

    I've added a comment to my blog too. :-)

  • Surviving

    I had my first felted bag recently. I really like the pattern. It is the booga bag.

  • Tracy

    I'm usually the one to rely on others for ideas! But I did make my toddler a Baby Surprise Jacket, knit with bigger yarn at a gauge of 18 stitches per inch fits my two-year old. I just picked up and added to the sleeves.

    You are very ambitious, those are a lot of projects!


  • Tracy

    Make that 18 sts per 4 inches I meant to put. Oops.

  • RandomRanter

    Criquette sent me!
    I haven't gotten to it yet, but I think Topi looks fun.
    I also like the cabled bag pattern Annie Modisett contributed to Crazy Aunt Purl's book.

  • This would make a lovely handbag. There's this other bag called Orange Felted bag by Andi Clark. Both bags are features in such pretty colors. I cant find the link on like but I have a PDF copy...if you like I can send it to you, just send me an email.

  • crazzybunny

    He's brown in the pattern, but would be cute in fluffy white!

  • Kate

    Happy Blogiversary!

    I just knit Trellis from Knitty and I totally fell in love. It's small and fast, but with lots of satisfying cables.

    And I also just finished Mochimochi's Uh-Oh's, if you are jonesing for a toy pattern. It wouldn't work for your white fluffy yarn, but if you have any odds and ends hanging around it's another fun quick knit.

    My Ravelry username is hallorka, if you want to see how they turned out!

    Good luck with holiday knitting!!!

  • ponyknit

    Fun contest!

    Favorite patt. fingerless gloves:
    Knitting at KNoon's version

    Also love Marnie MacLean's version, called Nearly Gloves.

    For placemat's, I recommend Nubbins by Vyvan Neel. I have made the dischcloths, and I remember her mentioning modifications for making placemats, or even a separate pattern on her site.

    I posted your contest on my blog:

  • Jenny Girl

    The pattern I'm suggesting is from Lion Brand, and it uses their velvet yarn. It's pretty thick and knits up quite fast. You said you had white fluffy yarn, so what's not to love about a white fluffy bunny head blanket. May not sound cute, but it is.

    The pattern is free, but you have to create a free account to get the pattern. If you don't want to but still want the pattern contact me on my blog, where I mentioned your blog and contest btw :)


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