October Knitting Roundup

Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Since I don't know that I'll have much time to work on this tomorrow, as I've got several classes to teach during the day and will be taking the DD out for trick or treating in the evening, I'm doing my October roundup a day early. This is also the grand total for the Stashalong goal of decreasing the stash by 15 skeins since August 1st.

Let me start off by noting that I have spectacularly failed to reach my goal. Why? Read the roundup:

Status as of end of September: -21.5 skeins

Skeins added: 36 [ouch]
6 skeins bought from Webs (4 Wool Bam Boo, 2 Dreambaby)
6 skeins bought from Yarns etc. (3 Lamb's Pride Worsted, 1 Lamb's Pride Bulky, 2 bargain bin)
2 skeins won in SP11 contest (2nd Chance Cotton)
2 skeins from dishcloth pal (CotLin)
20 skeins from SP11 pal (16 Rowan Bamboo, 4 Soy)

Skeins given away: 2

Skeins knit: 7 (plus 2 committed, but not finished) - photo coming when I take it.
1 MicroSpun and 1 Baton Rouge - Scarf for ASIS&T
3 Wool Bam Boo - Scarf for ISE5
1 Dreambaby - hat for A, hat for 20 Hats Project
1/2 Bernat Soft Boucle - loopy hat for B
1/2 Wool-Ease - mitts for L
2 Cotton-Ease - 1/2 done with baby blanket for [different] L (E, if you're reading this, the blanket may end up being a baptism present - when's the baptism? - b/c it's going really slowly!) - Not counted in total until done

Status at end of October: +5.5

You could, of course, argue that gift skeins should not be included in the stashbusting goals. In that case, I would be at about -20 for the three month period (got some gift yarn in August/Sept too). I don't hold this point of view - after all, it all ends up in the stash!

The big news is that I spent some time last week (while taking comp time from work) cataloging my stash in Ravelry. This was a much more efficient process than trying to keep track of it in my knitting journal - especially since I can tag things with the project that I bought them for (or have designated them for). It also facilitated figuring out exactly how much of a skein I have - rather than just estimating.

Ravelry has really helped with organizing myself for Christmas knitting. I'm proud that most of the actual purchasing I did was for needed skeins, not impulse skeins - and even the two bargain bin ones are destined for preemie hats. I have also selected patterns, queued things with finish by dates (I was a bit overzealous at this), and can keep track of progress. So excited! According to the handy-dandy spreadsheet, I have 126.5 skeins and 17,458 yards of yarn. So not excited! My Xmas knitting, if all goes as planned, would take up 31 skeins of that - which would get me below the 100 skein mark. That would be cool.

One of the things I've noticed about the stash is that while the gross number of skeins hasn't gone down (and may have gone up), the balance of full skeins to partials has definitely shifted to the full skein end. In June I had 40 partial skeins; now I have 11. This is a good thing - it shows that I've gotten rid of the leftover bits from projects that were completed and now are not interesting. Most of them went to preschool and the church, though I also knit up a bunch of hats, etc., using partials. It's also clear from the list that the quality of materials is going up - but could still be improved. Ah, stuff to work on for the next quarter!


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