Loopy Hat Topper

Sunday, October 28, 2007
I knit a lot of hats, and most of them are fairly uninteresting as far as the body goes. Unless you get into cabling, there's a limit to the variety of ribbing and such that you can do in a child's hat. To alleviate boredom, I've started playing with different ways of forming the crown and of creating hat toppings.

Thus was born the loopy hat topper.

It's very simple, actually:

Work hat according to whatever pattern you choose (bottom up), including forming the crown decreases.
Instead of cutting a tail and threading it through the remaining stitches, decrease the crown in one last row down to 3 stitches.
Work I-cord using these 3 stitches for 36in (90cm).
Bind off I-cord, leaving a long tail (at least 8in (20cm).
Attach loose end of I-cord to base of cording (at top of hat).
Mark off six 6in (15cm) sections of the I-cord, using waste yarn, markers, safety pins, whatever.
Using tail yarn, secure I-cord to hat (arranged roughly symmetrically around base).
Sew remaining tail to inside of hat.


  • this is so cute! My mother wanted a hat pattern to knit so I was browsing. Not really her style, but even she agreed it was so very cute for a child. Keep up the good work.

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