Gift Goals

Friday, October 19, 2007
So this is going to be a bit tricksy, as a large part of the readership of my dear blog are people who will be getting gifts from me, but I feel the need to log the gifts I need to make as well as progress on them. Maybe this is a new social networking sport - guess the gift!
  1. Basic Mittens - BF
  2. Loopy Hat - BFJr.
  3. Baby Sweater - turned into a hat instead of a sweater - AF
  4. More Basic Mittens - LF
  5. Fingerless Mitts - Didn't knit for this person. Instead, Scarf - TB
  6. Hat - Didn't knit for this person. Instead, Scarf - LW
  7. Scarf - DW(V)
  8. Another hat (with matching scarf) - BV
  9. And another hat - LV
  10. Placemats (?) - Didn't knit for this person. Instead, 2 washcloths - HF
  11. Felted bowl(s) - J&EV
  12. Sweater - On hold until after the holidays.
  13. 20 Preemie hats (14 done by me - 7 done by others!) - EL
  14. Yet another hat - ended up as still more Jayne Hattage - RL
  15. Jayne Hat - RL2
  16. Another Jayne Hat - JV
  17. Mittens - MV
  18. Another Hat - ST
  19. Yet more Mittens - BH
  20. Stuffie (sheep?) - ended up as a washcloth - FL
  21. Washcloth - JF
Holy crap. That's a lot of knitting. Plus I've got a baby blanket and my ISE5 scarf yet to do. I'm about 1/6th done (update: 1/2 done) with the blanket and 1/4th done with the scarf.


  • km

    I just knit the mittens in Weekend Knitting. Well, I knit the first one...and finished it in a few hours. And this was my first mitten. They're in a bulky wool then slightly fulled. Sooo quick. There's a fingerless mitt pattern in there too...but I haven't tried it yet. Just garter stitch with some short row's more of a calculator...knit with whatever weight yarn you have. Good luck with the list.

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