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Monday, October 22, 2007
So here I am at the ASIS&T 2007 conference, and I've had YET AGAIN to pay for internet service, which just burns me up because a: I've never understood why the more you pay per night for a room translates to the fewer amenities you get (like internet and breakfast) and b: why ASIS&T won't pony up for an internet cafe so at least I can check my email. Actually, I do understand why they won't pony up for the cafe - I just wish they'd try to get a sponsor for it. And now that I've been elected SIG Cabinet Director I can make that my issue. It won't change, but at least I'll get the satisfaction of knowing I tried.


The real point of making this posting is to answer the most recent question on the Dishcloth Exchange site: "How was your experience in the exchange? Did you enjoy the folks you met? Did you just love the cloth and goodies you received? Please share any thoughts, criticism, and things you loved!"

I enjoyed this swap - maybe not as much as last time, when I met my bloggy friend Cass, but quite a bit. I met Ingrid, who is a really generous soul (and who I hope has gotten my package - I'm in Milwaukee and not on email, remember?), and I hope that on her next trip down the east coast she'll pop in for some tea... I like the dishcloth swap better than some of the others I've done because everyone is friendly, there's no weird competition for who can be most creative/interesting/special, the knitting is relatively easy and yet fun, and I've had good partners so far (possibly this is related to the "everyone is friendly" aspect). Also, somehow I convinced Alison to join this one (it may be "influenced" is the proper verb), and she seems to have had fun too. I may sit out the holidays one - see the post before this one to understand what else I'll be knitting - but will be back in the spring...

And speaking of knitting in progress, I'm about 2/3rds done with the Pinnacles scarf (for ISE5), and will be working on a baby hat and booties tomorrow during SIG CON (because I don't want to take the scarf into the smoky bar afterwards for the SIG KNIT "meeting"). Oh. If you are in ASIS&T and are a knitter, I've created a Ravelry group for SIG KNIT. It's called (I'm a librarian, remember) SIG KNIT. My handle in Ravelry is ktlv, in case you want to understand what ASIS&T is, want to join the group, or need explaining why you should be in Ravelry. (We will also accept other "information science and technology" peeps into the Ravelry group). :)


  • The Birds

    Hi! I came to read your blog after a friend found it, in the great search for the perfect blog layout to try and showcase a few of my crafty creations. I LOVE your layout, and I would also love to know how you managed to set up the list at the top of your right hand sidebar to list the things you have for sale as pages within your blog. If you would be so kind as to email me with the gist of how to do this, I would appreciate it very much. My email is:

  • KT

    Hi Jacquie,
    The layout I'm using is "Stretch Denim Light" in Blogger - and then I played around a bit with the colors. To get the list of items for sale/free patterns in the sidebar I put in an HTML/JavaScrip page element and coded it for all of the links etc. It took a bit of extra doing - but is well worth it, I think.
    - KT

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