Very Good Yarn Karma Week

Saturday, September 29, 2007
It's been a great few yarnie days... let me 'splain... no, no, there is too much... let me sum up:

1: On Monday at the weekly church potluck I dropped off a bagful of yarn for the churchschool crafts closet. Which decreased the stash by 13 skeins/skein equivalents! I'll do the total September stash roundup tomorrow (that is, the last day of September), in the hopes that I'll finish the blanket-that-won't-finish today.

2: Thursday evening, while going through the undesignated FOs pile to separate out for sale from for charity items, I found two more preemie hats for the 20 Hats Project. And, since I finished one earlier this week, I now have 5 that I've made. I also got a great package in the mail from a nice woman in Oregon (?) who donated three hats and three mini-blankets.

3: Friday at lunch I attended the awards ceremony for the Hats with Heart drive. I won 1st Place for "The Classic Hat"! The hat that won was the blue Homespun one - and it was a weird design/construction, so I am totally amazed that it was the one picked. My reward was a certificate (suitable for framing!) and a $50 gift card for the Aveda Institute in Chapel Hill - I am totally getting a mani/pedi and a facial!

4: There was another knitter on the bus on the way back to the park n ride! I've been riding that bus for about three, maybe four years now, and I don't remember ever seeing anyone else KOBing - and of course I was too shy to wander over and say hi. Also, she was sitting in the "leave me alone" seat that has no others near it, and I was already sitting down when I saw her, and the bus started up, and at the next stop a friend of mine got on and sat with me. Excuses, I know, but at least when I pulled out the blanket-that-won't-finish I felt moral solidarity.

5: I just got my Ravelry invite! Yay! I'm "KTLV" and have not put anything up yet. I'm so excited, which is goofy since I wasn't so sure I wanted to sign up in the first place...


  • Alison

    Yay for good yarn karma! And congrats on winning the hat award! Wow! I love the shape of that hat - so firm, so solid and warming :)

    Speaking of knitters on transportation, on our way back from SF on the plane, the 3rd person in our row was a knitter! We both had felted bags containing WIP - actually, she had 2 bags, one a very small one with a cutely added zipper - so we got knit- geeky and chatted for half the flight, leaving Andy to his book. It was really funny. I probably should add the anecdote to my blog...

    I signed up for Ravelry a bit after you, so maybe this means my invite will come soon!

    I will definitely get a couple of hats out, anyway, just as as soon as I finish the twin baby booties and swap dishcloth. That's great that another Oregonian is donating things!

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