Three Hats With Heart

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

These three hats are my entries for the UNC Hospital's Hats with Heart drive/contest. I'm not really interested in the contest - mainly I made these because I've had several friends and acquaintances go through chemo recently (or currently), and I wanted to do something for patients who don't have someone local to knit them a special hat of their own. The deadline for submitting finished hats is tomorrow - and starting next Monday they'll all be on display at various spots around UNC. Yay!

Of course, I'm also excited about these because they used up various things from my stash, about 3.5 skeins worth, to be exact. Double yay!

I don't have patterns for them because: a: I didn't take notes, b: they're a bit funky, and c: they're two different standard patterns that I follow (this is why I didn't take notes). If you're desperate for specifics, leave me a comment and I'll try to walk you through the process. Here are quick notes:

The two on the left were knit in two stages. First, I did the brim/body sideways (in garter for the brown hat, in a ribbed pattern [4 rows K, 1 row P]) until I reached the desired circumference of the hat. Then I seamed/grafted the brim/body into a tube, picked up the stitches for the top, and worked the top. The brown hat has a star-shaped decrease, the blue hat has concentric circles, and decreases by a multiple of 9 (hard to see with the homespun).

The green hat is done in Bliss (Lion?). It's a pretty simple cast-on-to-make-22inches, knit-9-inches, work-crown type of hat. I don't remember how many stitches were cast on.


  • Anne K.

    They look both cozy and pretty - and I'm sure will be much appreciated!

  • KT

    Sssh, don't tell - one of them won an award in the contest! (blog posting coming Friday).

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