Thank you Chan!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Yesterday was a Day of Goodies for me - I got a large purple scarf, a pattern booklet of scarves/hats/gloves, and two book "thongs" from Swap-bot swaps, and my prize from Chan for winning a contest in the summer dishcloth exchange. She sent a yummy pink-white-brown skein of Sugar N Cream, a sheepy Pez dispenser/keyring, and other goodies. Thank you Chan! The DD has already claimed the sheep, though we are trying to keep the Pez away from her (sugar + small child = disaster).

I also discovered that Anne had Chan purchase the Wavy Days Clutch pattern for her so that she wouldn't be revealed as my upstream partner in that same exchange. Chan even went so far as to use a name other than "Chan" on the purchase - though she did give it away a bit later (the fact that she'd bought it, not the bit about Anne). I am highly amused by the lengths we go to safeguard our anonymity!


  • Channon

    I'm so glad you liked the little prize pack.

    We do go to great lengths, and then, we do something stupid like reply from our gmail account, where our anonymous account ceases to be anonymous... oops?

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