Skirtsicle! (New Magknits Pattern!)

Saturday, September 01, 2007
Yay! Skirtsicle finally got published! Go check it out in the new Magknits, which came out today! The DD is very proud of her modeling skills - and excited to be "famous." It'll be an interesting day...

Skirtsicle is a worsted-weight cotton skirt for 2 (4, 6, 8) year old girls. Note: you'll need 3 (3, 4, 5) balls of Lily Sugar N Cream, not three for each pattern size.

Also, apparently I can't count. THIS is the 101st post to my blog. :)

If you are visiting from MagKnits, please feel free to peruse my other free patterns, as well as my four patterns for sale. You're also welcome to add me to your bloglines list!


  • Alison

    Wow, you're double-famous! Let me be the first to congratulate you! (and on your real 101st post :) I showed the pics to Andy and he goggled that your DD is so big! (remember, she was 4months when we last saw her). The skirt it beautiful and looks so summery luscious. Now I'm craving popsicles :)

    --erstwhile college roomie

  • Cass

    YAY!!! It's really cute! And congrats on your 101st post. xoxo

  • Michelle

    It's patterns like this one that make me say 'thank goodness I had a few girls!' I can't wait to knit this one up!

  • Dawn ;)

    Hey U ~ here is the link for the round cloths I made:

    enjoy ~ congrats again on your awesome finish. ;D

  • Alana - Knit Wit

    Congrats!! That little skirt is just adorable!

  • Sharon

    Popping over from Cass' blog.. CONGRATULATIONS on being published!!! it is a very adorable pattern that I am sure my little models would love as well. Ooo and it is cotton too I don't have to sub!! How wonderful!!

    Congratulations again!! Wishing you many more to come!!

  • Surviving

    Congratulations! If only I had a gitl to make this for.

  • shirleyknits

    I love the skirt pattern! The model's very sweet.

  • Friender

    Congratulations! I saw your pattern from Sharon's blog and thought I'd pop over to say 'hi' and thanks for the pattern--I have a 2yo girl for whom I will make the skirt next summer.

  • Gnat

    That's a beautiful skirt!!! I know tons of little girls who would want someone to knit them that skirt!!

    Just wanted to stop by and say hi before the "Fall into Autumn" Dishcloth Swap starts!!

  • Faerynuff

    Just wanted to let you know that I have finished your skirtsicle, about 10 mintues ago!
    DD2 is very happy that she now has a knitted skirt like her big sister!
    Thanks for the pattern. I'll blog the pictures tomorrow as we are off to the zoo now.

  • I saw this skirt at Magknits, finally got around to buying the yarn, went to Magknits website to print it and guess what, they're gone! Unfortunately, I didn't print the pattern. Tracked down your blog (which is great) and am wondering if you could either put the pattern on your blog, or offer it for sale. It's so sweet and I have a four year old who wants it! Thanks so much.

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