September Stash Roundup

Sunday, September 30, 2007
I did very well for myself this month, I believe, largely because I went through the stash and pulled out skeins to give away. That made a big dent, and made me feel good about myself! I also got some good knitting in this month - some of which was actually fun, like two tams - and managed to not purchase much to offset my gains. Yay!

Given away: 14.5
13 to the Chapel of the Cross children's craft closet
0.5 to T for teaching meiosis & mitosis (!)
1 of sari silk to my SP

Knitted: 12 (Note: a bunch of these were given away already so are not in the picture below)
0.5 skein WoolEase - Hats with Heart
0.5 skein Homespun - Hats with Heart, hat for DD - Oh! This is the one that won!
2.5 skeins cotton - four washcloths, including the Slipped Basket Stitch Cloth
0.5 skein cotton - preemie hat (for the 20 Hats Project)
1 skein Patons Grace - last of the bookmarks (It made 7 bookmarks total!)
0.5 skein Lion Wool - purselet
1 skein Soft - 2 tams
1.5 skein fun fur - 2 tams (the same as the Soft)
1 skein WoolEase - toddler hat
1.5 skeins - half baby blanket (these are BIG skeins - 5oz!)
1.5 skeins chenille - scarf

Added: 6
1 skein cotton gifted for winning a contest (made a SBS Cloth out of it!)
1 skein cotton for washcloths (for swaps)
2 skeins SWTC Bamboo purchased (no purpose; I liked it)
2 skeins MicroSpun purchased (something for the DD, and for a scarf)
(admittedly, I also bought some stuff to give away to spoilees, but am not counting those here. They're not actually mine, after all)

I have also purchased but have not yet received 4 skeins of Wool Bam Boo and 2 skeins of something babyish from WEBS, and will count those in October (as that is when they will show up, I trust!).

Total for August: -1
Total for September: -20.5

Goal was -15 over three months (Aug1-Oct31); I'm now at -21.5 for two months! In October I'm going to two conferences, and so will probably get quite a lot of work done. I have a baby blanket, baby sweater (two different babies), my ISE5 scarf, and various Christmas presents on the docket for this month - we'll see what gets made!

(Also, for my own bookkeeping, I'm down a total of 31 skeins from my July 1st count!)


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