Sept 15th - Knitting Roundup

Saturday, September 15, 2007
It's halfway through the month, and I feel the need to catalog my knitting/gifting/purchasing so far.

First the giveaways: about 12 skeins given away
9 full and 4 partials posted to eBay. Even if they don't sell I'll be giving them away - probably to either my church or to the local elementary school.
1 skein sari silk to my Secret Pal.

Knitting: about 6 skeins knit
1/2 skein WoolEase - Hats with Heart
1/2 skein Homespun - Hats with Heart, hat for DD
1/2 skein cotton - washcloth
2/3 skein cotton - washcloth
1 skein Patons Grace - last of the bookmarks (and yes, I'm counting this now rather than as I went along. It made 7 bookmarks total!)
1/2 skein Lion Wool - purselet
1/2 skein Soft - tam
1 skein fun fur - tam (the same as the Soft)
1 skein WoolEase - toddler hat

and the bad news: 5 skeins added
1 skein cotton gifted for winning a contest (thanks, tho!)
2 skeins SWTC Bamboo purchased
2 skeins MicroSpun purchased

That comes to 13 skeins out of the stash for the month so far. Plus one down from August, so I'm at -14 skeins for this 3 month period!


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