New Swaps and Such

Saturday, September 08, 2007
It seems I'm a sucker for a good swap. This week I've joined the International Scarf Exchange 5. I think that's pretty self-explanatory. After several months of doing blog-based swaps and also Swap-Bot swaps, I've decided that I really don't enjoy the Swap-Bot ones as much. After I finish up the last of those for which I've signed up (need to knit a hat, a small bag, and a bookmark), I think I'll be dropping out of Swap-Bot. Why? Well, the reason I like swaps so much is not because I like getting stuff from people - honestly, I probably don't need another scarf, and I could always make one for myself that is exactly what I want. What I really enjoy is getting to know other people in the swap, either because they are one of my partners or because they are active on the boards. As I've mentioned before, I keep seeing the same people pop up in these groups, and it's kind of fun to read their blogs, occasionally post comments, etc. Swap-Bot doesn't do that. You sign up for a swap, get your partner, send your item, get rated. There are no contests, no reading the other person's blog, no questionnaires. It's so focused on the act of the swap - and the item swapped - rather than on the community-building that could happen when one person reaches out to another.

Anyhoo. Yay for the ISE5! If you're interested in signing up, they're only taking the first 200 people, so be quick!


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