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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
I'm in those heady first days of any swap: so far this week I've had contact with both partners in the International Scarf Exchange 5, and am starting to plan out the scarf I'll be making. I'm thinking purple, and because I'm allergic to wool (though I can knit with it), I'd like to do some kind of natural blend. Anyone have any familiarity with the wool/bamboo blends? It's very appealing to me from a sustainability perspective... I'm thinking purple, worsted-weight.

For the pattern I want to do cabling. I love cabling, though I worry about the non-reversibility of it. Does this bother anyone else? Also, it's like I'm allergic to patterns too - I have a tendency to take stuff from Barbara Walker and combine them to make up my own designs. Oh, oh, oh! I have two new cabling/Aran design books! I'll spelunk in them!

If you've seen a particularly good cabled pattern - and I'm deliberately not going for a fisherman's scarf here, I want it to be loooong - please let me know. I'm thinking maybe a center cable with two side cables - like bookends. There are some that have direction (an s vs. z twist, if you will) that I could use on the sides. Wouldn't it be cool to have one that evolves from one pattern to another over the course of the scarf? Ooh. That may be too much.


  • flutter

    my pal last year made me a scarf in that paton's SWS..wool soy so soft and lovely..and warm. and the color..i love it. she did an entralac and it came out really nice.

  • cecily

    The Palindrome scarf is pretty cool, I'm currently working on one in Malabrigo...

  • International Scarf Exchange

    I used Misti's Pima Cotton Silk last year for someone who was mildly allergic to wool and it was fabulous. She says she wears it a good bit and it still looks great. The yarn has a beautiful drape and it took a good bit of ripping without getting nasty.

    If you try purling half of your cable stitches and knitting the other half, you'll end up with a cable that looks nearly identical on either side. The only difference will be which way it winds.

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