For whom do you knit?

Friday, September 21, 2007
Interestingly enough, according to my most recent poll, the majority of us (that is, of the 33 of you who responded to the poll) knit for people other than ourselves - either friends/family or charity - and very few knit for profit. Here's the breakdown:

15 (45%) knit for ourselves.
18 (54%) knit for friends/family.
12 (35%) knit for charity.
2 (6%) knit for profit.

I have to admit that I do some of each of these - though mainly for friends/family and for charity - including "for profit." Every fall the library holds a craft sale, and I usually sell out of novelty scarves that I've done over the course of the year (usually whenever I have need for mindless garter stitch). I'm not sure it counts as "profitmaking" - last year I covered the cost of the yarn I'd purchased for those scarves, plus a little to cover my charity knitting.

I'm actually impressed by how many of you knit for yourselves. I very rarely knit anything for myself - partly because I'm so hot normally that I don't think of making myself cold-weather gear, partly because I get bored quickly with adult-sized sweaters (and am caught between the Scylla of the fast-but-boring stockinette sweater and the Charybdis of the interesting-but-slow Aran), partly because I already have a hat and scarf that I love for winter (though I do adore getting new ones, I can't justify making one for myself), and partly because I've got so many ideas in my head of gifts to make for other people. Even people who don't appreciate knitwear! Wacky, I know!


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