Double Arrowhead Lace Bookmark

Friday, September 14, 2007
Several versions of this lovely lace bookmark exist, but I just had to do my own. This is an easy stitch to memorize - only four pattern rows - and knits up very quickly. In addition to bookmarks, it looks nice as a scarf! Apologies for the poor quality of the photograph!

Finished dimensions: Approx. 2in (5cm) by 7in (17cm)
Gauge: Not particularly important; you want it slightly firmer than normal.

1 skein Patons Grace 100% mercerized cotton (1.75oz/50g to 136yd/125m)
US 3 (3.25mm) needles
Darning needle

Cast on 17 stitches.
Knit all stitches for two rows.

Pattern row 1 (right side): K3; (YO; SSK; K1; K2tog; YO; K1) twice; K2
Pattern rows 2 & 4: K2; P13; K2
Pattern row 3: K1; (K3; YO; Sl1 wyib; K2tog; PSSO; YO) twice; K4

Repeat these four pattern rows until bookmark is just shy of desired length (about 7in [17cm]), ending with pattern row 3.

Knit all stitches for two rows.
Bind off in knit.
Sew in ends.
Block lightly.


  • Alison

    You know, I need to get some crochet cotton or at least some nice thin yarn - my rather (comparatively! ;) measly stash is mostly worsted - and make a bunch of your bookmarks. I really should attempt this before I next host the geocaching womens book group I belong to :) If I do, I'll be sure to take a picture!

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