20 Hats Project now a blog!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007
So today, on the advice of a few people, I started a new blog for the 20 Hats Project. There's not much over there right now, but if you're interested feel free to pop on over to http://20hatsproject.blogspot.com/. You're welcome to sign up to participate if you choose - instructions are on the first posting. I'll be posting photos of finished hats as well as blogging interesting patterns that I discover on the 'net, and hope that some people will be interested enough to join and either make hats for their local hospitals or to send to me for the NICUs at UNC-Chapel Hill and Johns Hopkins.

Also, I'm putting up a new poll to see why people knit - for yourself, as gifts, for charity, or to sell. Since I do a bit of each of these (mostly as gifts and for others), I expect we'll have pretty even distribution across the categories.

Results from the previous poll: 38% are looking for square things (dishcloths, blankets, bookmarks), 30% for totes, 21% for hats/scarves, and 16% for "other" (which I assume is the cozy, the hair flower, and the pincushion). Interesting... also, possibly skewed by whatever was new on Knitting Pattern Central that week.


  • Moocow

    Hello KT!

    Just found your blog via KPC and am now going to go back and read all your blogs in an obsessive manner.

    I. Love. Knitting. Official!

    Moocow xx

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