Update to August Goals

Friday, August 17, 2007
Goal: Decrease stash by 15 skeins by Halloween (from August 1st)

# Skeins Gifted: 9 (5 to MEL, 3 to preschool, 1 to Mom)
# Skeins Knitted (as of 8/17/2007): 6 (1 cotton, 2 Bliss, 1 Rumour, 1 Woolease, 1/2 Phentex, 1/2 PolarSpun)

# Skeins Bought: 13 (ouch - most actually have projects!)
# Skeins Rec'd as Gifts: 6 (2 from ITE4 pal, 4 from Dishcloth pal)

So, I have decreased 15 skeins and increased 19 skeins: Net change to stash = +4

Oh crud.

I'd really like to stick to a goal of 5 skeins decreased per month - which means I have to get through 9 more skeins in two weeks. Well, I guess it's a good thing that I decided to go with a three-month horizon - 19 skeins in nearly 11 weeks is much more realistic (particularly since I'll be conference knitting for two weeks in there!).

The good thing is that I went way over my goal for July (goal was 5; reality was 10.5). So if you look at the past six weeks, I've decreased my stash by 6.5 skeins total - which is 5% of the stash. OK, that's not actually that helpful. Oh well, must go knit more...

Tonight we're going to the annual School o' Pharmacy Durham Bulls outing. It's been so dry here that we actually prayed for rain in church - and when does it rain? Today. Now, I feel that once one prays for rain one shouldn't then bargain with God for WHEN it rains... but really, on the one night I go to a ballgame? At least it won't be so hot! I've got the Snuggles Project blankie (cat-sized) on the circs right now, so if the DH isn't too crazy I might get some progress done.


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