Turn to the Right Bookmark

Thursday, August 23, 2007
I love knitting bookmarks. I have lots of reasons for this: the main ones are that I love to knit (particularly short projects that pack punch), and I love to read. In library school I heard all about the horrible things people use as "bibliorts", and resolved to always use a bookmark. When we got married the DH and I gave out bookmarks as our favors. So, you see? Love the bookmark.

One great thing about knit bookmarks is that you can practice a new skill for a short project, and then decide whether you've gotten good enough at it to move onto something more challenging or, as is the case with many of you and the P3 from the No Wrong Side Bookmark, if that's a stitch that you can live without. This pattern makes extensive use of the Right Twist (RT) technique. I like to use this stitch in chunky weight yarns to simulate a 2-stitch cable as well as to make raised diagonal lines like in this bookmark.

Finished dimensions: Approx. 2in (5cm) by 7in (17cm)
Gauge: Not particularly important; you want it slightly firmer than normal.

1 skein Patons Grace 100% mercerized cotton (1.75oz/50g to 136yd/125m)
US 3 (3.25mm) needles
Darning needle

Stitch instructions:
The Right Twist (RT) is formed by knitting into the front of the second stitch on the left needle, then knitting into the first stitch and pulling both loops off the left needle. Check your favorite knitting instruction book if you need more help. Or leave a comment - I may be able to point you to a better definition.

Cast on 17 stitches.
Knit 2 rows.

Pattern row 1 and all wrong side rows: K2; P13; K2
Pattern row 2: K2; (RT; K1) repeat to last 3 stitches; K3
Pattern row 4: K3; (RT; K1) repeat to last 2 stitches; K2
Pattern row 6: K3; (K1; RT) repeat to last 2 stitches; K2

Work the six rows of the pattern until bookmark is approximately 6.5in (16cm) or just shy of desired length.

Knit 2 rows.
Bind off in knit.

Sew ends in securely.
Press lightly to block; I use some spray sizing (starch) to add a touch of stiffness.


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