Results of the Hair Accessories Poll

Tuesday, August 21, 2007
So Blogger introduced the new polling feature, and I love it. My first poll, "what would you knit to wear in hair" got 75 votes over a two week period. Here are the results (you could pick more than one option, though I'm betting people who went with "none" didn't pick the others):

35 (46%) would knit a headband.
26 (34%) would knit a scrunchie.
14 (18%) would knit a clip/barrette accessory.
16 (21%) would not knit hair accessories.

This begs the question, why aren't there more patterns out there for hair stuff? They're great little projects - fast, stashbusting, and cute - and yet I can't find anything for sale (like, a pattern book), and most of the free things are pretty simple garter stitch headbands. Even the listing on the Free Pattern Directory is dominated by cold-weather headbands...

I think I feel this lack of good patterns for hair things because here in the South we really don't wear warm hats all that often. I put the "warm" qualifier in there because I am in fact known for wearing hats all year round - and am wearing one today - but they are generally straw or straw-like. What I really want to put on my head is something to hold my hair either/both away from my face or off my neck. Because, people, I'm overheating! It's 102F!

Maybe someone should put together a book of knit accessories for hot weather gals!

Anyhoo - new poll coming soon...


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