Plume Bookmark

Thursday, August 23, 2007
Occasionally I am inspired by the serendipitous connection between a stitch pattern and a book that I've read to create a knit bookmark. This one, "Plume" is named for the Ostrich Plume panel pattern from The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches, AND for the bookstore from Three Junes, which I read last summer. The modified feather & fan seems appropriate for thinking of a bookstore whose mascot was a parrot...

This is a deceptively simple stitch, with four rows (only one is actually "patterned") repeated for most of the length of the bookmark. The only trick is to the K4tog - which I think you'll agree is much easier than P3tog!

Finished dimensions: Approx. 2.5in (6cm) by 7.5in (19cm)
Gauge: Not particularly important; you'll want it firm rather than loose.

1 skein Patons Grace 100% mercerized cotton (1.75oz/50g to 136yd/125m)
US 3 (3.25mm) needles
Darning needle

Cast on 17 stitches.
Knit two rows.

Pattern row 1: K2; P13; K2
Pattern row 2: K2; K4tog; (YO; K1) five times; YO; K4tog; K2
Pattern row 3: K2; P13; K2
Pattern row 4: K17

Repeat these two pattern rows until bookmark is 7.25in (18cm) long, or just shy of desired length.

Knit two rows.
Bind off in knit.
Sew in ends securely.
Press lightly to block; I use some spray sizing (starch) to add a touch of stiffness.


  • Cass

    YAY no P3TOG!!! woot! :)
    Thanks for another great free pattern KT! You're inspiring.

  • KT

    It's amazing how much easier the K4Tog is! Finished another bookmark today - love those one-night projects, they make me feel productive. :) KT

  • I tried this pattern and it just didn't look anything like yours! Do you have an extra row or two after row 2? Most feather-and-fans have four rows repeated. When I just repeated row 1 and 2 as written, the "holes" (from the yo) seemed to be piled up right on top of each other. Also, I am finding k4tog extremely difficult. Do you have an alternative?

  • KT

    Hi there - Dang! You're right about the two missing rows - I'll fix that right away in red. Unfortunately, there's no good substitute for a K4tog. You could try slipping two stitches, K2tog, then passing the slipped stitches over - but this will get you loops leaning the wrong way. Sorry!

  • Right before you posted the correction, I figured it out from your picture (thanks for the large jpeg) and added the two extra rows. I also figured out that in the row before, if I make the 4 stitches on the looser side (the ones that will be knit 4 together), it makes it much easier. Thanks! The bookmark is looking good!

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