Preemie Hats: Yarn, Patterns, Hats Needed

Thursday, August 23, 2007
My dad is a non-knitwear-wearer. He doesn't wear knit hats, scarves, gloves/mittens, or socks. OK, he wears socks, but they're black dress socks and most definitely not handmade. I suppose he would wear a sweater - but honestly I don't have time to make him one between now and Christmas. But... the man is a neonatologist (doctor for infants), specializing in premature babies.

And premature babies DO wear hats. Possibly because they don't have the manual dexterity to pull them off, possibly because they actually need the heat retention.

So, for Christmas I'm planning to knit a whole bunch - the goal is 20! - of hats for preemies in the various hospitals where the Dads works. I've got one done so far (pattern forthcoming), and hope to reach that 20 hat goal before December.

But I (clearly) need help. I'm not sure I have yarn in my stash that's appropriate for preemies. I certainly don't have 20 patterns for hats - and I'd like each one to be unique. If you are willing to help, I'd love it: I need small amounts of SOFT yarn (washable AND dryable), interesting ideas for preemie hats, and maybe even a few hats to add to the collection. Feel free to leave a comment if you're interested.

And Dads, if you're reading this, pretend you didn't. Mom, I depend on you to keep a secret. (Hi Mom! Hi Dads!)


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