Good Yarn Karma Day

Wednesday, August 01, 2007
One of my destashing goals for the month was to get rid of 5 skeins by giving it away. I decided to go ahead and start off the month with that - and so got together two bags worth of yarn. By my calculations, it actually came to 8 skeins. Way to go, me! And it's been 15 hours and I don't miss any of it (yet)!

The first went to the DD's preschool:This consists of about one full skein of Jiffy, good partials of green Disco (I swear, it was free in the mail!) and red chenille, and about 24-30 small bits. In my estimation, 10-15 bits = 1 skein, and 2 partials = 1 skein. So this comes to 4 skeins...

The preschool promptly put it to good use - this week they're discussing "occupations," and they made paper people in art. These collage people were supposed to demonstrate a career (the DD made a "doctor for babies" - Moddy eat your heart out). They used not just magazine bits, but also this yarn! W00t!

And then I gave MEL at work these:

That would be three full skeins (supersaver, baby coordinates, and TLC) and two partials (some baby blanket leftover, and a caron perfect match). 4 more skeins! She is taking them home to Oklahoma to make baby items for the local reservation hospital there. She's also a relative newbie to knitting, and so is grateful for donations to help her practice. I think she may use the supersaver to do gauge swatches of stitch patterns. I did this myself many years ago - and still think occasionally that I'll seam them all together into a blanket...

In other good knitting karma, the DD was so excited about the yarn that she asked again if I would teach her how to knit. Remember, this is a child who cannot yet read. Normally "knitting" means screwing around with a mass of yarn - maybe occasionally poking the mass with a needle, but usually just running your fingers through it. Actually, that sounds kind of fun...

Back on topic. Tonight she actually wanted to knit WITH NEEDLES. So, I got out some Suede and US 10 needles, and cast on 8 stitches. We snuggled on her bed, and I guided her through doing all 8 stitches. And I swear, I didn't do the whole thing - I helped with that tricky third step, but otherwise she did it herself! I'm just so proud! AND - sign of a true knitter - she asked if she could do "just one more row!"

This month I'm hoping to go through this yarn:

That's 4 full skeins, plus 4 partial skeins. The supersaver is to be a doggie blanket for charity, the homespun, green fluff, polarspun, and phentex are all to be hats, the woolease is for socks, the Rumour is a scarf (actually, it's nearly done already), and the patons wool will be a felted bowl. Oh, and then there's a mystery birthday present that I can't post here until it's done and given away!


  • KT

    Update: I've finished the Rumour scarf and a pair of socks (and a bonus flower) from the Wool-Ease. Am about half done with the I-cord for the world's ugliest coffeepot cozy for Dads (yarn not pictured), and then I just have to weave in 20 ends to finish it off.

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