Flower Hair Elastic

Sunday, August 12, 2007
People who always wear their hair in a ponytail also always need hair elastics. But it seems so mundane to just give them ponytail holders... plus, we knitters always have random ends of yarn lying around. Why not make decorations for the elastics?

This pattern uses a small amount of Lion WoolEase, US8 (5mm) needles, and one of the new "Ouchless" large size hair elastics from Goody. It's a pretty easy and standard flower pattern - but constructed so as to have little petal points. Very cute, very fast, very popular.

Finished dimensions: Approximately 3in (8cm) diameter.

Small amount worsted weight yarn
US8 (5mm) needles, preferably circular (for flexibility and length)
Hair elastic, large
Darning needle

Cast on 105 stitches using long tail method; leave extra "tail" for later use.
Row 1 and all wrong side rows: Purl all stitches.
Row 2: (K2tog; K5) repeat to end (90 sts)
Row 4: (K2tog; K4) repeat to end (75 sts)
Row 6: (K2tog; K3) repeat to end (60 sts)
Row 8: (K2tog; K1) repeat to end (40 sts)
Rows 10, 12, 14: K2tog all sts (20 sts, 10 sts, 5 sts)
Bind off on wrong side in purl. Leave longish tail
The fabric you'll have made is slightly curled; twist with the curl to make a compact circle. Using bound off tail, secure curl.
Attach to hair elastic using cast on tail.
Weave in ends.

Note: Many flower patterns start with a small number of cast on stitches and increase to get a lot of stitches that are bound off. That always irritates me because increasing is hard when the foundation row can't stretch that much, and I tend to bind off tightly. This pattern reverses the direction of change by decreasing, solving both of my problems.

Had I managed to get a shot of it in S's hair I would share it with you... but alas I did not. It's cute - I used a green elastic that looks a bit like a stem. I thought it might look like the flowers the flamenco dancers wear in their hair, and it kind of does - with some imagination, of course.


  • kkeidon

    Ok, I've made two of these. Both of them turn out wanting to curl the wrong way, so that the wrong side is on the outside of the flower. Do I just need to force it to go the other way, or am I doing it wrong?

  • KT

    Not sure which curl you mean - the lengthways curl (to get it to wrap up into a flower) or the widthways curl - which you can see I've got in the photo - where the cast on edge curls in over the "right" side?

    You can ignore the latter (I obviously did). For the former, you'll need to wrap the flower the way you want it to go.

  • Annette

    So, I've tried to knit this a few times, but something is wrong with the pattern. When I do the first two rows, I end up with 70 stitches instead of 60, so I tried to start with 95 stitches instead, and it still didn't work. Any tips on how to fix it?

  • KT

    Hi Annette,
    I'm not sure why you're getting a different number at the end of the second row. You should be decreasing by 15 stitches each row, so should be at 65 after two rows of decreases. Are you doing the decreases correctly?

  • Annette

    Yes, and the second row has 90 stitches, and 90-15=75, not 65, so I'm still not sure how to fix the pattern.

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    The Lengthways curl to get it to warp up into a flower or the widthways curl which you can i have got in the photo.

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