Dog Days Contest

Monday, August 06, 2007
So the latest contest for the Dog Days of Summer Dishcloth Exchange is to describe what you do to deal with the nasty part of the summer. I believe that would be now - we're supposed to have temps kissing 100F (37C) all week, and no rain.

Obviously I'm not gardening (much; I have to go cut down the dead sunflowers this morning). We just got back from the beach, which was a lovely way to deal with the heat - we spent the morning and evening in the water, and napped during the hot part of the day. Also ate popsicles and played Go Fish.

I suppose my ideal summer day would be this:
Sleep in.
Swim in the morning. (and by "swim", I mean: "pile up all the floats you can find and sit on them, with as much of you submerged as possible yet without having to do any work to stay "above water"")
Lunch of pb&j.
Swim in the late afternoon.
Dinner. Must include a salad and fruit.
Dessert: some combination of ice cream, popsicles, and watermelon.
Get the tot to bed.
Sit out on the porch w/a cold beer and watch the stars (this, obviously, not at home - you can't see stars too well b/c of light pollution). If it's not too hot, I love to knit in the dark while listening to jazz and drinking a beer. I usually end up with really interesting projects when I do this.

Actually, the perfect day would incorporate all the above, but take place on a sailboat. With someone else in charge of the actual sailing.


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