August Knitting Roundup

Friday, August 31, 2007
This month has been wildly successful in terms of knitting and yarn giveaways - which is lucky because I also went on a bit of a binge (bought 13 skeins) and had some yarn gifted to me in swaps... All in all, I believe I am ahead for the month, though not as much as I'd like. Here's the roundup:

13 skeins bought from yarns etc.
6 skeins gifted through swaps
19 skeins added

5 skeins given to MEL
3 skeins given to preschool
1 skein given to Mom (for Woolie the Ewe, a pattern with which I have issues, but Mom made a version that is way cute)
9 skeins gifted

1 skein Rumour: scarf - gift
1 skein Wool-Ease: socks & flower - gifts
2 skeins Bliss: 2 hats (adult & child) - charity
1 skein PolarSpun: 2 hats (both baby) - gift/charity
1 skein Phentex Chunky: 2 hats (baby, newborn) - gift/charity
1/2 skein Supersaver: cat blanket & afghan square - charity
1 skein misc cotton: coffeepot cozy - gift
1 skein Patons Wool: felted platter/bowl - gift
1 skein cotton: washcloth - gift
1/2 skein misc acrylic: hat (baby) - charity
1 skein MicroSpun: bookmark, scarflet - gift/for me!
1/4 skein Grace: 2 bookmarks (twisted, lace) - gifts
11 1/4 skeins knit in 19 projects (!)

I am also about 1/3rd done with a hat using 1/2 skein of Lion Homespun; we'll see how kind stitch n' pitch is this evening (Durham Bulls game for the DH's birthday!). I would love to finish it today but am not all that confident that I will.

All in all, I'll be at least 1.25 skeins in the black for the month. This means that according to my Stashalong goals for August-October I need to decrease the stash by 13.75 skeins over the next two months. This looks doable! Yay! The only thing is - I've gone through many of my singleton skeins (other than the fur), so fall projects may be a bit bigger. I'm starting to get serious about Christmas presents too. Hm. How does one keep track of Christmas knitting when the people for whom one does Christmas knitting read one's blog? This is a dilemma!


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