Another Daily Pattern!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007
Apparently the folks at Daily Knitter have discovered my wee blog - again I have the Pattern of the Day (X Marks the Hat). So cool! Welcome, all ye of Daily Knitter provenance!

In knitting news, I've finished three skeins of knitting so far this month - the Mistaken Rumour scarf, a pair of socks (and bonus flower), and the ugliest coffeepot cozy in the world. Piccys coming soon. The Stripe Around Bag and Ziggurat Bag (name tentative) are ready to be photographed and written up in their patterns - both will be $3 patterns for sale. Pretty soon I'll either have to make an index page for the for-sale patterns or will rename the free patterns index so that it includes both. The latter idea sounds better to me.

Note: I have a poll! Blogger just rolled out the ability to do impromptu polls - this week's is about knitting for hair accessories. Summertime is just not a good time to wear woolly hats - but it's a great time for things that pull the hair back/up/away from the face and neck. What would you make?

I'm a bit disappointed with MagKnits. I thought Kerrie and I had agreed that my pattern for a girl's skirt would be published this month - but I heard no confirmation from her after sending in the pattern (this is normal for her), and if you go look at the zine you'll notice there's no skirt pattern. It also took a ridiculously long time for her to pay me for my last pattern - and she finally only did it when I threatened to withold the skirt pattern (which she has now not published). Given that she's having family trauma, I'm not particularly surprised that things seem to be slipping between the cracks. I just wish it weren't patterns and payments. I like reading the patterns there, but probably won't send anything new to her for a while, at least. Also, that champagne dress screams skank.


  • Alison

    I'm glad you posted - I was wondering what was up with Magknits, since I knew you were supposed to have something in it. But - aha! - I just went back to their site, and it defaults to July again now (though you can manually put "Aug07" in the url and get August). I wonder if they went live too soon? ITA on the dress - especially the weird parking lot pictures!

  • Cass

    Congrats on another Daily Knitter! :)

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