101st Post!

Friday, August 31, 2007
Holy cow, this is my 101st posting... last fall when I was screwing around with the blog on the "first teach thyself" principle I never thought I'd get so addicted to this thing. Of course, it really took catching the pattern-writing bug to get me going, but hey, whatever works.

I have nothing to give away, so I won't have a contest, but if you'd like to say hi I'll say hi back! I'll even make a nice comment on your blog!

This evening we went to a baseball game for the DH's birthday - hometeam won 7-3, all is right with the world - and of course I took my knitting. Baseball can be a bit, er, slow, and so I always have a project that will stand being dropped in case of a homer (or even a decent base hit - I'm easy to please). I have never been challenged about my KIPing at a baseball game. And I talk to my neighbors - tonight we had some very nice ladies (older) in front and beside us, and a whole slew (I mean at least 200) people from the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) behind us - but they never even ask about my knitting. Weird, right? I would've gotten another hat done, but I'm doing it with a special KT-way of doing things in which I knit the body sideways, graft it together, then pick up stitches to work the crown. Darned if I didn't forget my needle for the grafting bit! Argh!

Secret pal, if you're reading this, I am in desperate need of a notions bag - just a simple little thing with a zipper - to keep my darning needles, embroidery scissors, tape measure, calculator, and a few seaming pins in. I can't find anything, so I must be looking in the wrong place. Rest assured, all of my knitting bags are super-roomy, so I don't need anything tiny!

We had a fabulous time at the game - perfect weather (in the upper 70sF), slight breeze, good food, etc. It was the last home Friday game of the regular season, we won, it was exciting, I got to hang out with my family, the people around us were pleasant, and there were fireworks. Nothing better.

I would love to keep up this blogging - and am hoping to have both patterns and commentary. Maybe someday I'll get invited to Ravelry. Maybe someday I'll get an Etsy store (again) and actually manage to sell stuff through it. Maybe I'll start a wiki with my patterns - so that I can organize them a bit better. Who knows. I'd like to get all my Christmas knitting done by Thanksgiving, too! And reduce my stash to 60 skeins by June 2008!


  • Rachel

    Hi KT--Just wanted to congratulate you on surging past the 100 mark. I've been lurking for a bit...having come across your blog via Cass when she got that awesome turtle dishrag from you...but I have enjoyed seeing all the patterns you put up. Which, by the way, also deserves a congrats on getting published! :)

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