Wavy Feather Bookmark

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

This bookmark is unusual - it's not rectangular! The wave pattern is created by having increases on one side and decreases on the other - then flipping sides. Because of the wave, the bookmark has an illusion of width and complexity, but is a relatively simple lace pattern that knits up quickly.

The pattern is Japanese Feather from Barbara Walker's 2nd Treasury.

1 (partial) skein Patons Grace (1.75oz/50gm to 136yds/125m) 100% mercerized cotton (shown in Rose), CYCA size 3
US 3 (3.25mm) knitting needles
darning needle

Cast on 12 sts.
Row 1 (and all wrong side rows): K1; P10; K1
Rows 2 and 4: P1; K10; P1
Row 6: P1; K1; (YO K1) three times; SSK three times; P1
Row 8: P1; K1; (K1 YO) three times; SSK three times; P1
Row 10: as Row 6
Row 12: as Row 8
Row 14: as Row 6
Rows 16 and 18: P1; K10; P1
Row 20: P1; K2Tog three times; (K1 YO) three times; K1; P1
Row 22: P1; K2Tog three times; (YO K1) three times; K1; P1
Row 24: as Row 20
Row 26: as Row 22
Row 28: as Row 20
Repeat these 28 rows again.
Work 5 rows of stockinette stitch (purl on wrong side; knit on right side).
Bind off.
Weave in ends.
Block; I used some spray starch to stiffen the bookmark slightly and pressed using a steam iron.


  • KT, you're amazing! You have the coolest bookmark patterns for sportweight yarn! I just finished this one a couple of minutes ago. I've been knitting for almost a year, and have feared wavy knits, but this was easy ans quick, and I love how it came out! :)

  • KT

    So glad you like them! I've been participating in little swaps lately and find that they are a great secret pal gift - and work for readers. I'm a librarian - I know lots of readers!

  • Kimmylee

    Greetings KT!
    I just found your pattern on ravelry (calli10, because I also do calligraphy) I am going to use it for another project a lanyard for my $%#@! cellphone! I have lost it in that bottomless pit called a purse or suitcase, or file cabinet, or knitting bag for the last time (yea right), get the idea? I will shoot you off a photo when I whip it up. Look me up I need some friends on ravelry.

  • Beth

    Just knitted this up for a librarian I know and it turned out so beautiful in a celery colored cotton. Thanks for the press and starch tip too ... and for the great pattern!

  • This pattern is so great!I didn't even know that you could do those wavy bookmarks without a lot of mistakes and horror on the knitter's part (call me the unknowing beginner).

  • This pattern is so great! Great, great, great!!!!! Thank you SO much for posting it. How did you do it so nicely in the picture? I can NEVER get my knitting to look nice. This pattern is so easy, and nice, and fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm a new knitter to bookmarks and having trouble figuring out what SSK means. I'm sure others know what stitch this is but I don't. Enjoying what knitting I can do.

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