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Friday, July 13, 2007
Yesterday I shipped off my packages for the International Tote Exchange 4 and the Dog Days of Summer Dishcloth Exchange. I'll hold off on revealing who my ITE4 partner is, for fear she be trolling the blogs, but am happy that Cass (of Shut Up I'm Counting fame) got hers today and is thrilled with it! Cass and I don't live all that far apart from each other in the grand scheme of things, and I hope that we'll be able to meet up sometime, or at least keep in touch (at which I am bad).

I really loved doing these swaps - though I have yet to receive my items - and am still learning the etiquette etc. of the whole thing. What I think is most interesting is that I keep seeing the same people in my different adventures - Cass is also in ITE4, and Pheelya, UniquelyMeNana, and 2muchstuff2day also show up in more than one of the community knits I do. It's kindof cool. With the exception of Cass, who has no choice, I wonder if people are noticing ME too? 'Nuff said. If you want to see the stuff I sent Cass, go to her post. Here's a photo of the cloth, just to break up this post:

I'll be posting the pattern for the cloth pretty soon - am headed off to the AACP conference tomorrow (tell me, who is so stupid as to schedule a conference IN JULY IN FLORIDA?). As usual, the DD has come down with a cold on the eve of my departure. I believe this makes 5 sick child conferences out of 9 that I've attended since her birth. My poor husband, he needs happy thoughts this week.

Here's a before shot of the three WIPs I'm taking to the conference. The three projects are a boa/supersaver scarf (for sale), a ribbon yarn bag, and a 3-skein Phentex Chunky 1/2 baby blanket. All three have been cast on this week and are in beginning stages - hopefully at least one will be complete by the time I get back. Between two two hour flights and two two hour plenaries (argh!) as well as other misc. talks I should get some decent work in! This will also get me through 5.5 skeins of yarn that I'm happy never to see again. I tell you, some of the stuff I bought when I was first knitting is embarrassing - and other stuff I got knowing it was bad but needing for specific projects that never got done.


  • Cass

    :) I'm noticin' ya! ;)

    What's the pattern on the blanket? I love half blankets, have a few myself. We call them something so very unPC here though, so I'll not share that. Hope DD gets better quick and you don't melt in loverly FL!

  • Pheelya

    Well hello, hello! I was reading Cass's blog and followed her link to your site because she said you had beautiful patterns. Imagine my suprise when I see my name jumping off the page! *LOL* It is neat to see so many familiar names in so many different swaps. Just goes to show how generous we are :)

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