Stashalong Goals for August

Tuesday, July 31, 2007
The new Stashalong KAL within a KAL contest has been posted for August. This month the challenge is to knit one-skein projects - and there'll be a prize for the person who uses up the most singleton skeins. Here's what I plan to complete this month:

1: Coffeepot cozy for Dad (1 skein equiv.)
2: Hat & booties for Logan (1 skein)
3: Socks for Stacey (1 skein, I think) - also a flower!
4: Scarf for Swap-Bot swap (1 skein)
5: Bookmark for Joshua (1 partial)
6: Felted bowl for Vivian/Barney anniversary (1 skein) - Needs felting
7: Hats for Hats with Heart (various 1 skein hats)- Bliss, Homespun, Woolease
8: Various handmade things for Swap-Bot swap (2 skeins?)
9: Hat for Varnerling (1/2 skein)
10: 2 Hats for Caps for Kids (1/2 skein Bliss, 1/2 skein PolarSpun)

I'm setting a goal of finishing 5 skeins completely - given that in July I finished 10.5 (assuming I manage to felt up the bags tonight) this should not be a problem. In addition, I'm setting a goal of giving away 5 skeins. I am taking a trip to my LYS for some yarn to use to make some patterns to sell there, so the 5+5 means a NET decrease from the stash - talk about an incentive not to go wild in Yarns, etc.!

(the blue are updates; the red are items added to project list after original post was made)


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