Serious need for destashing

Sunday, July 01, 2007
So you remember the post where I put up a photo of the stash and made some little comments about how big it is? Last night I actually sat down and did a full inventory of it. Boy am I shocked. I'm pleased to say that there are only two skeins that I don't remember (and can't imagine) purchasing/receiving. That is the only piece of good news.

Here's the bad news:

I have 96 untouched skeins of yarn.
And an additional 40 or so partial skeins.

Holy cow.

This is actually a bit misleading - I probably have about 70 partial bits, but I lumped the many many 1-4 yard bits together in the count because it just seemed silly to count them all. I would estimate that 1 full skein = 2 partial skeins, on average.

I don't even want to think how many skeins I had in January when I began the Year of Stash. I believe I've gotten through 17 full and 5 partial skeins since then - not counting the ITE4 bag, which will use up the better part of 5 skeins (not counted above).

So the question becomes: for Stashalong, what should my goal be? Should I not purchase any yarn for the next two months? Should I only purchase a skein if I have used up two/three/four from the stash? Should I have a net decrease from the stash of some number/percent of stash per month? I could also declare that I'll do a certain number of FOs this month - but knowing me I could easily bump that up with bookmarks and washcloths, neither of which use much in the way of stash. The leading candidate right now is setting a goal of net decrease over the next month. This would allow me to purchase yarn for a project as long as I still use up the goal amount.

Next problem: what should the goal amount to use be? I'm thinking I try to get through 5% of the stash this month. That would be about 5 full skein equivalents. Seeing as this month I'm in swaps for dishcloths, bookmarks, pincushions, and other little things, I think I'll probably manage to get rid of a number of the partial skeins. Also, that's a little over one skein a week - should be doable. I'll also point out that if I knit 5 skeins a month for a year I'll get through half the stash over the course of the year. That's pretty darned cool, if you ask me.

A lot of the stash is random novelty yarns. My first project will be a purse made from ribbon yarn. It'll need to be lined, which I dislike doing, but it should look cool.

Wish me luck!


  • Alison

    Zoinks! 96 skeins! You should knit a sweater for your house :) or for your tree, a la:

    I will answer your bag questions today, I promise! I'm knitting felted mousies at the moment :)

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