No Wrong Side Bookmark

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

This bookmark is knit with sport-weight yarn that is soft and drapey. To compensate for the silky yarn, the pattern is very tight and dense. The "wrong side" is equally as interesting as the "right side". The pattern also results in a pleasing arrow shape. Gauge is not important; knit to a desired tightness rather than specific dimensions.

1 (partial) skein Lion Brand MicroSpun (2.5oz [70g] to 168yd [154m]) 100% acrylic. Color: Lilac
US 3 (3.25mm) needles
darning needle

Cast on 17 sts.

Row 1 (WS): K2 P6 K1 P6 K2
Row 2: P2 M1 K3 P2 p3Tog P2 K3 M1 P2
Row 3: K2 P4 K5 P4 K2
Row 4: P2 M1 K4 P1 P3Tog P1 K4 M1 P2
Row 5: K2 P5 K3 P5 K2
Row 6: P2 M1 K5 P3Tog K5 M1 P2

Repeat these six rows 9 MORE times (work pattern 10 times total).
Bind off as Row 1.


  • Another beautiful bookmark! I just finished making one, in a mint green color. I hope to give it to my brother's girlfriend with her Christmas gifts. She loves to read. :)

  • this looks so nice and I'm trying to make it for my dad's birthday but I'm a rather new knitter and I don't know what the M means. (like knit is K and purl is P, what is M?)

  • I think "M" is "make one," as in add another stitch. You pick up the bit of yarn between your left and right needles -- the horizontal piece -- with the left needle, then knit into the back of it with the right one.
    Lion Brand's Web site has a great illustration:

    Good luck!
    Another self-taught-and-still-learning knitter

  • Hawt Garbage

    I really enjoyed making these bookmarks. The name is really accurate; I love both sides.

  • Is that "make one" in purl or knit?

  • KT

    In knit. I do the "Make One" by lifting the bar between the two needles with the left from front to back, then knitting through the back of the bar.

    Just FYI, I assume all M1 instructions are done this way - and if I ever do a purled version it is always abbreviated M1P. I once knit a pair of gloves in which the designer hadn't made that distinction and it drove me buggy.

  • half_pint

    Finished mine awhile ago but only just got the pics of it posted.

    Thanks, it a really great bookmark, my mom loves it.

  • Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this beautiful bookmark. I knit preemie caps for Threads of Love, but want to give the nurses a gift. This bookmark is PERFECT.

  • Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this beautiful bookmark. I knit preemie caps for Threads of Love, but want to give the nurses a gift. This bookmark is PERFECT.

  • SouthernComfortknc

    M1 is to increase but you need to know that there is 2 ways to increase in a M1. There is a M1L and a M1R The designer should have made it clear in the directions and abbrev. but failed to do so. I would like to see it updated to include this so others can benefit from the pattern.

  • KT

    Thanks for your comment! There are actually four different M1 increases (M1L, M1R as you noted, also M1A and M1T). In this free pattern it does not matter significantly which M1 technique you use, so I have deliberately left it up to the knitter to use her favorite.

  • I think your row 2 has too many directions for knitting but not enough available stitches so I'm unable to complete the last few

  • KT

    Row 2 uses 17 stitches and results in 17 stitches. Here's the row:

    P2 M1 K3 P2 p3Tog P2 K3 M1 P2

    So you use 2+3+2+3+2+3+2 = 17
    And you create 2 using the M1 while decreasing 2 for the p3tog, which means you end up with 2+1+3+2+1+2+3+1+2=17.

  • I made this bookmark for my 4 year old nephew, who loves to read. He has been excited to have a special hand-made-knitted bookmark. Most of the bookmarks are a bit too lacy. Thank you for sharing the pattern. Great job. I love small project.

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