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Friday, July 06, 2007
Alison posted answers to my initial questions on her blog earlier this week (possibly last week; I've been out of the world dealing with a small child with Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease - yuck). Thank you!

It looks like we're doing a bag that has a flap, has some depth (so not just a folded rectangle), and is longer than wide. Cables would be cool. Adjustable strap would be cool.

Here are two options, both of which I like (one of which I like better, but won't tell you which):

Option 1: Construct bag from several pieces: Back rectangle (with flap), Front rectangle, long strap that forms the sides and bottom as well as the strap proper. Strap would be made adjustable by having a buttonhole on one end that could button into the non-strapped side or could go through an i-cord loop and button back at the strapped side (this being the side that the strap is contiguous with). I would have a long cable on the strap and possibly also on the flap, but not on the body proper (don't want to overdo the cables, plus they'll drive you nuts and take up a lot of yarn).

Option 2: Construct bag from two pieces: flat-knit flap that becomes a circular-knit bag body/bottom, and long i-cord strap/drawstring. For this one you could cable the flap AND body, and form the bottom by doing evenly-spaced decreases (like you would a hat, but flatter). Large eyelets around the top of the bag body would allow the i-cord to function as a drawstring. If you pull up one loop of the drawstring you get a long strap; pull up two loops and you get two short straps.

I'm finishing the i-cord for an Option 2 style bag (sans flap) today and will hopefully have it felted by the end of the weekend, for reference.

Here's your task, Alison: Knit a gauge swatch. Using US 10 needles, cast on 30 stitches. On one side of the swatch do a 6 stitch cable (doesn't matter if it's a CF or CB) on a background of 2 purl stitches (reverse stockinette) on either side. The rest should be knit in regular stockinette stitch. Work until it's roughly square. Measure your gauge. Felt it. Measure gauge again. I need this info to figure out how many stitches to cast on - also, if you take photos before an after felting we can decide whether we like the way the cables look felted.


  • Alison

    Quick note from across the dateline that I will be a bit tardy on the swatch - I got sent to Japan for work at the relatively last minute! Knitting is a great way to pass a 9-hour flight :). Sorry to hear about the HF&M issues!

    My initial response to the is that I like bag #1 better - BUT I need some clarification (when I am not totally jetlagged) on how both come together. Such fun!

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