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Tuesday, July 17, 2007
So just to start out, here's what greeted us this morning when we came back from sessions today. One was on the TV, the other on the back of the toilet. Apparently housekeeping "cast members" have a creative side that is straining to be expressed:
Didn't manage to post for yesterday's sessions, etc., so am doing it now (sure you're thrilled). Let's see. In the morning I went to "Developing Student Competencies in Informatics." In general, not a bad session, though I think that the pharmacy education community could really stand to talk to the library/information science community about a: what informatics is, b: what is being done in informatics in health sciences, and c: how librarians/information scientists can partner with pharmacy ed to provide training in this field. I even got up to say so, thus creating hero status for myself among the dozen or so librarian colleagues who were scattered around the room. You know you've made a cutting comment in a session when all three of the speakers feel the need to say how much they love their personal librarian/library and also support the idea of bringing lib'ns in. Oi. Apparently the TiPEL SIG (Technology in Pharmacy Education & Learning) has developed - get this - 100+ competencies for informatics that they are trying to evaluate for whether they should be standard competencies... unfortunately while they did a nice job of using an audience response system to involve attendees in rating these competencies, they didn't bother to either distribute them early (thus excluding "I"s) nor to define terms like "ANSI" or "Human Computer Interaction" that your normal pharm prof would not know. Oi again.

Second session: Posters. Tired of seeing posters that have too much text, too small fonts, bad choice of colors. There were some interesting ones on teaching communication skills to students that I'd like to follow up on. Also, need to think about how to get students to recognize the value of searching skills so that they pay attention to what we teach in the first two years so that when they get to the fourth year and are actually in the field they don't suddenly freak and think (and I quote), "Crap! Why didn't I pay attention in Drug Info Lit & Eval!"

Lunch. Box. Not bad. Gotta love croissants! Stole an extra Coke (yes, an actual Coca-Cola, not just the generic Coke. Got in a huge discussion about regional variations in what one calls carbonated beverages. Somehow this a: always happens at conferences and b: never gets old.)

TiPEL education session. One of the speakers first defined metadata (incorrectly) and then went on to say "Dublin Core is something that librarians understand because it involves categorizing information". I am not sure if this was a slur or not. I had lots of questions for him about his learning repository (like, why not use one of the ones that's already set up? HEAL!), but chose not to (I was still reeling from pointing out the lack of librarian representation in the previous session). Other things discussed were audience response systems and RXPortfolio.

Then there was the Library/Educational Resources section business meeting and the Basic Resources group meeting. Pretty standard stuff - glad to see that the section is growing and is diversifying to include Drug Info Center peeps. There is one person in there who drives me absolutely completely and beyond all reason bugshit crazy, so I will not name him nor dwell on it further. Suffice to say that after he corrected my pronunciation of "onerous" he then looked at my feet and noted that I was wearing shoes so couldn't be a true Southerner. Holy shit!

Anyhoo. The wiki went over well. I'm hoping to get more people involved in editing it, and several seemed really excited about it.
Then we went out.

This morning we slept in (see previous sentence), then went to the closing plenary. It was Carolyn Clancy of the AHRQ. I'm sure her talk was good, but it was SO FREAKING COLD that all I could think about was "global warming my ass", and how soon could I bail. We're about to head out for more swimming, then tonight there's the closing banquet. I'm very concerned that it'll be cold, as I am wearing a sleeveless dress.

Finished knitting Logan's half blanket. Started Clark's washcloth (raisin pattern) but got irritated with it, so have started over again. Discovered that our PEP coordinator is also a knitter (Hi Kim, if you stop by!).


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