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Monday, July 30, 2007
It's a long, long story, but the upshot is this: a friend of mine (who, note, doesn't know how to knit yet) and I are considering starting a knitting ministry at our church. I know such things exist, but don't know how other people do it. If you're part of a knitting ministry, won't you please leave me a comment about it? What do you make? Do you knit for specific people, or do you make a "bank" of items that can be distributed as the need arises? Who buys the yarn and other supplies? Do you get together to knit, or do people do it on their own? It's such a good idea - but the implementation is what worries me.


  • I'm part of the prayer shawl ministry at my church and it has been a wonderful experience. If you're thinking about getting started, I recommend visiting the shawl ministry website for lots of information, tips, prayers, patterns, etc.

    At our church, we make shawls for a "bank" and distribute them as needed. We meet one Sunday per month to pray and knit together, and pray and knit on our own the rest of the time. On the Sunday we meet, we collect any completed shawls before the service and bring them forward with the offering to be blessed.

    Each member of the ministry buys their own yarn and supplies. Occasionally, people have donated yarn.

    Our group has occasionally knit other things for special events, like baby caps for the "Caps to the Capital" campaign last winter.

    There are workshops on starting ministries (see the website) and a great book called "Knitting into the Mystery", which may prove helpful to you in getting started. Best wishes to you in your work.

  • we have recently implemented a knitting / crochetting ministry at my church. Right now we are making baby blankets for babies to be given at their baby dedication service. we are looking to also make prayer shawls for the elderly homebound and nursing home resident members of our church...from there who knows where it will go. Right now we have 5 people involved. We bought $200 worth of baby yarn and distributed it right before Thanksgiving...right now we have around 12 completed blankets and several more about ready. One of my ladies is looking to get some businesses to donate yarn to the ministry also. so that is something to think about. My church is a very large one and babies pop out all the time so this will be a busy ministry. We will most likely split it into 2 seperate ministries. 1 for babies and 1 for other ministry.

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