Knitting at AACP

Sunday, July 15, 2007
First off, AACP is the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. There are 1440someodd people here, mostly teaching faculty and deans of pharmacy (including 1 KIPer (me) and approx. 2dozen librarians!). "Here" is the Beach Club & Yacht Club Resorts at Disney. I'm hot, I'm tired of "cast members" telling me to "have a magical day", and I have no intention of supporting in any further way the most commercial organization in the world. By the way, if you ever stay at the Beach Resort, avoid the Cape May restaurant. The waits are long, the service is bad, it's a buffet that has uneven quality (and quantity), and they aren't capable of splitting checks for business travelers - but they can take multiple cards and split the charge across them. Though I did hear that one of my group ended up with the full charge on her card - in addition to each of us paying $32 for our dinners.

Anyhoo. The plenary speaker this morning was fabulous. Daniel Pink, of A Whole New Mind fame, gave a fab talk about the need for right-brain thinking (and training) for success in the 21st century. He made a pretty good case for why the three A's - Abundance, Asia, and Automation - are making the ability to think creatively in addition to analytically. He then went on to talk about six facets of right brain thinking (all of which he didn't cover): design, story, symphony, empathy, play, meaning. AND it was funny! I'm going to put the book on my Amazon wishlist...

Then there was a break in the action, during which Jill, Jean, Amy, and I went swimming. We cleaned up in time for the afternoon sessions. Jill & Jean tried to get into one on wikis, but it was standing room only so they gave up. I skipped that one (it looked a bit basic) and went to one on teaching styles to engage students. The speaker (Beth Martin, U Wisc) didn't actually talk about teaching styles - it was more assessment methodologies. I think the fact that she was over-earnest about things and her hair looked like it was aspiring to a role in Hairspray distracted me a bit. It was interesting to think about assessment in the Authentic Assessment model - much of which we already do (or are planning) but have approached from the point of view of making students think at a higher level, not having them engaged in the teaching/learning process (though they are both of a coin).

Right now I'm taking another break. As soon as the daily thundershower is over I think we'll hike on back to the conference space to browse through the posters (a bunch are by friends) and the exhibits (swag!). Then I have dinner with the Dean and faculty, which is always fun except for the part where he quizzes us on what we've learned so far.

In other news, I finished the boa/supersaver scarf on Friday night, so didn't have to bring it. I'm about 6inches shy of finishing Logan's half blanket - it'll be about 18" by 24" and I should have enough to make a hat and maybe booties to match. The pattern is "Little Flowers," but I think the eyelets look like hearts. The DH thinks they look like ghost faces! I also ended up bringing two skeins of cotton with me - my friend Tammie wants to learn to knit so we're starting with a washcloth. The other skein is to make two smallish cloths (7") for my neighbors' newborn son.


  • Alison

    You are much better at blogging while on business than I was! I've returned from Japan, and now Andy's brother and family are visiting! SIL and I have been KIP-ing all over the PDX metro area :). I can't believe you're the only KIPer in the whole conference!!

    If I'm thinking straight, I'll bring my Malabrigo to Sunriver tomorrow(we're renting a house out there) and get that gauge swatched... Have a great rest of conference!

  • Cass

    Good Times at Disney! :p That place made me break out in hives. (and not crowded right? snort)

    Fun reading your post though. :)

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