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Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Welcome to my index of patterns available - both free and for sale! The index is by type of pattern (scarf, hat, bookmark, etc.) and then alphabetically within type. I'm a librarian, this makes sense to me. If you're looking for something that's not here, leave me a comment and I'll see what's up. Also, Ravelry users check out my for-sale patterns in my Ravelry store! For sale patterns are now included in the index, as well.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to support free patterns through this site - so if you would like to help out with a donation it would be welcome. Amount is up to you and I am in no way forcing you to help - but more and more I'm posting patterns for sale rather than for free.

Adult Hats
Beehive Cap ($5; proceeds benefit the NC Cancer Hospital)
Boucle Hat & Collar
Flip and Jiffy Hat & Scarf
Jayne Hat ($4)
Ripple Brim Chemo Cap ($5; proceeds benefit the NC Cancer Hospital)

Baby Blankets

Jaume Mitts ($5)
Dewdrop Baby Blanket ($5)
Hans' Baby Blanket ($5)
Harris Baby Blanket ($5)
Heather's Half Blanket
Logan Baby Blanket ($5)
Malcolm Baby Blanket ($5)
Windowpane Baby Blanket ($5)

Alison Tote ($4)
Felted Flap Bag
Good Day Sunshine Tote ($6)
Hugs and Kisses Purse ($3.50)
Patchwork Tote ($1.99)
Recycled Sari Silk Bag
Reduce Reuse Recycle Bag ($5)
Sadz Resama Bega (Sari Silk Bag) ($3.50)
Trapezoid Felted Bag
Twisted Ribbon Bag ($3.50)
Wavy Days Clutch ($3.50)

Cloverleaf Eyelet Rib Bookmark
Double Arrowhead Lace Bookmark
Hourglass Eyelet Bookmark
Jewel Cross-Rib Bookmark
No Wrong Side Bookmark
Plume Bookmark
Traveling Ribbed Eyelet Bookmark
Turn to the Right Bookmark
Wavy Feather Bookmark

40 Years Felted Bowl
Pandora's Box ($3.50)

Children's Clothing
Peaks Child's Scarf and Hat ($5)
Skirtsicle ($5)
This End Up Baby Vest ($5)

Children's Hats & Scarves
Angled Rib Hat (20 Hats Project)
Anna's Flat-topped Hat
Baby Bowties Hat (20 Hats Project)
Basic Cuffed Baby Hat Formula
Conehead Baby Hat (20 Hats Project)
Curly Snowflake Hat Topper
Fauxhawk Baby Hat ($5)
Holes and Squares Baby Hat
Lace Edged Preemie Hat (20 Hats Project)
Logan's Baby Hat
Loopy Hat Topper
Ribbed with a Twist Child's Hat
Ripple Brim Baby Hat (20 Hats Project)
Simple Hat - With Eyelets (20 Hats Project)
Top Down Diamonds Hat (20 Hats Project)
Too Early Birthday Preemie Hat (20 Hats Project)
X Marks the Hat (Child's Hat and Scarf)
Youth Cotton Seed-stitch Scarf

Basic Men's Mittens
Chandelier Fingerless Gloves ($5)
Jaume Mitts ($5)

4+1 Scarf
Alley Collar ($3.50)
Boucle Hat & Collar
Dream Zigzag Scarf
Flip and Jiffy Hat & Scarf
Four Garter Stitch Scarves
Fuzzy Neck Gaiter
Mistaken Rumour Scarf
Moss Stitch Scarf
Oceanside Cowl ($1.99)
Pinnacles Scarf ($5)
Racing Stripes Scarf
Right Angle Scarf
Rivalry Scarf
Sideways Knit Seed Stitch Scarf
Snow in Summer Scarf ($4)
Valerie's Miracle Scarf ($5)

Candy Striper Cloth
Cleopatra Bath Set ($4)
Eyelets and Ridges Cloth
Dimpled Washcloth
Ingrid's Cloth
Mandarin Lemon Washcloth
Opening Hour Washcloth
Reversible Baby Cable Washcloth
Seedy Ribby Checked Cloth
Slipped Basket Stitch Cloth
Two Cotton Washcloths
Waffle Stitch Washcloth

Wraps, Shrugs, & Shawls
Comfy Cape ($5)
The Happy Wrap ($6)
Inconceivable! ($6)
Pearl Shrug ($4)

Uncategorizeable (!)
Coffeepot Cosy Recipe
Felted (or Not) Pincushion
Flower Hair Elastic
Pandora's Box ($3.50)


  • Stash Bustin'

    I have added a link on our Stash Bustin' blog to your free patterns Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  • I have added a post with several links to various posts on your blog to my blog. You can check it out at I hope you like it.

  • Sorry, I'm new to this - in your double arrowhead lace bookmark you have wyib. What does this stand for.

  • KT

    wyib = With Yarn In Back. When you slip the stitch, make sure you have the yarn held on the backside of the knitting.

    This is a good source of knitting help:

  • gildalily

    I would love to have the Ripple Brim Chemo Cap pattern. However, when I went to download the PDF I got a message saying the link was broken. I wonder if there is another way to obtain the pattern - it is too good to miss. thanks, judy

  • KT

    Hi gildalily - the Ripple Brim Chemo Cap and Beehive Cap patterns are no longer available for free. Instead, they can be purchased as a pair for $5. Proceeds will go to the new NC Cancer Hospital. - KT

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