I Have the Pattern of the Day!

Thursday, July 19, 2007
Holy cow, I've really made it now. Apparently the Racing Stripes Scarf is the Pattern of the Day for today at Daily Knitter. I randomly went to Google Adsense to check on the hits for today, and saw that they were easily double the normal number (that is, by 11am I already had a normal day's hits). So I checked Google Analytics (yes, I'm addicted to stats for the blog) and discovered the referrals from DK are through the roof.

Imagine my surprise when I followed the path all the way through and found the scarf - right there in plain sight! W00t! Random, too, since this is not what I would think of as my most amazing pattern to date - but hey, it is somewhat cool!


  • Cass

    HEY congrats!!! that's super!!! :D I can say I knew you when...

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