Dishcloth Swap (Summer '07) Contest #2

Wednesday, July 18, 2007
In the latest contest for the Dog Days of Summer Dishcloth Swap, I am to post a photo of something that I have made of which I am particularly proud. I would like to put up a pic of the dd, but have reasons not to do so (I don't know all of you people who drop by the blog, for one). However, this spring I made this:

totally from scratch. That is, I designed it out of my wee noggin, and even got the pattern published in MagKnits (Reduce Reuse Recycle). I use it as my summer knitting/everything tote. The dd is also seriously fond of the latest thing I made for MagKnits, but since that pattern doesn't come out for two more weeks you'll just have to be content knowing that it's something a dd would wear. ;)

I have a serious love affair with tote bags. This is why I'm participating in the International Tote Exchange IV - and there are a bunch which I have coveted (but have not, to date, received), including the River Tote that Cass did for her partner Bekka (turnabout is fair play, Cass, me love, and won't you post the pattern that you did? or at least send it to just me?):

Also the one that "Austy's Mum" did. And there are two - Candyapple89's and Aura's - that have similar stitch patterns that I would love to do (and have yarn for, even!). And given how much sari silk yarn I have it should be not surprise you that I covet Unbiased...

As for washcloth patterns, I love the "Garterlac!" washcloth (found on a Swap-Bot partner's LiveJournal page), but am not confident in my ability to do entrelac. At the moment I'm casting on for a log cabin dishcloth - wish me luck!


  • Cass

    You know, I have the pattern written, but I'm totally intimidated about showing it to anyone. It's a SUPERsimple knit. I have one other designer who is going to check over the pattern for me when I get brave enough to send it to her. I'll send it to you too if you'll proof it for me. :)
    YAY for your links to your patterns!!! I love the bookmarks, but HELLO, I can NOT purl 3 tog. Nope. Tried and tried, and can't fraking do it. :p

  • KT

    Wacky woman. You can do anything you want. Notice that I have no patterns larger than a bookmark that involve P3Tog... I figure I can handle doing that b*tch of a stitch five times for one project, but the sixth one might just kill me.

    Send along the pattern - happy to proof it! W00t! :)

  • pantoufle

    I think you're really going to love the tote that you get. (I know what it is!)


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