25 Things for Charity

Wednesday, July 18, 2007
I seem to be addicted to groups. This week I've joined "25 Things for Charity", in which you are to knit 25 objects to give away to the group(s) of your choice within a year. I'm going to keep a running tally in this post of what I make starting from today. And, since I'm working on dishcloths for my neighbors (not a charity), it'll take a bit before I have anything to add...

Here are the groups I like to knit for:

1: Scarves, etc. to sell in the ASIST III InfoShare program that supports memberships and travel for scholars from developing countries.

2: Warm up America squares

3: The Snuggles Project (blankets for animals in homeless shelters)

I should also reconnect with the volunteers group at UNC Hospitals about knitting preemie/chemo caps, but will get through some of the acrylic stash on Snuggles first.


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