Tuesday, June 05, 2007 for Stash Organization System, of course! Here's mine.

Note that I have six drawers. Once upon a time they were organized as follows:
  1. Silk and other interesting fibers
  2. Wool and wool blends
  3. Novelty yarns
  4. Cotton and cotton blends
  5. Finished objects
  6. Works in progress
But then I needed more room (after SEX, of course) and so the FOs got bumped to a nearby cabinet (in which I keep my pattern books, swatches, ball winder, notions, thread, fabric, and other craft supplies). I'm just proud that after five months of knitting almost exclusively from my stash I've managed to get all the yarn into the five drawers (i.e., off the floor and out of various bags) AND most of the drawers close (but may not open reliably).

The premise here is that I can see all the yarns in each drawer without having to open it (which is lucky, since I can't open the wool drawer without disastrous consequences). That doesn't work, obviously, for the yarns that are stuffed into the middle of the drawer. Oh well. At least it's not in the piano (thank you, SP-M for that reasoning to give my hubby!).

What does one do with swatches?


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