Rivalry Scarf

Friday, June 22, 2007
My dh has a JD from Duke and is working on his MLS (yay!) from Carolina (Go Tar Heels!). The rivalry scarf was born out of a need to show off both the dook and the UNC loyalties without necessarily picking sides (it's fairly obvious which one I'd pick anyway, and luckily he's not a big sports fan). It's a perfect scarf for a football game - warm wool, good dimensions for under a coat or on top of a sweatshirt, fringed but made manly by the alternating garter ridge stripes. Just be careful if you do it in rivalry colors - you may not be welcome in either camp!

This is an excellent scarf for those of you looking for some color variation but not ready yet for fair isle or intarsia. Because you carry the alternate color up the side, the only ends to work in are the beginning/end of each skein, but you still get experience juggling two skeins at once. It would be easy to add in one or two additional colors to shake things up (like, Crimson for our ABs!).

Finished dimensions: 4.5" wide by 45" without fringe, 57" with fringe (11cm X 114cm, 145cm)

Color A: 2 skeins Patons Classic Merino Wool in Worn Denim (3.5oz/100g to 223yd/205m) [100% wool]: substitute any worsted weight wool or wool blend
Color B: 2 skeins Patons Classic Merino Wool in New Denim
US 9 (5.5mm) needles
Crochet hook (approx H/I - 5-5.5mm)
Seaming pins
Darning needle

Gauge: Not particularly important. Mine is 18sts X 36rows to a 4" (10cm) square.

Cut 18 12in (31cm) lengths from Color A and Color B each to form fringe. Set aside for later.
Using Color A, Cast on 20 stitches
Knit two rows with Color A
Join Color B.
Knit two rows with Color B
Knit two rows with Color A
Swap back and forth every two rows until scarf is desired length and/or you are nearly out of yarn.
End with Color A.
Bind off all stitches.
Weave in ends.

Using seaming pins, evenly mark 9 locations for fringe on each end of scarf.
Option 1 (as shown): each bundle of fringe has one of each color
Take one strand of Color A and Color B.
Fold in half.
Using crochet hook, pull folded end of fringe through scarf between cast on/bound off edge and first row, from front to back at first marked location.
Thread tails of fringe through loop.
Pull tight to secure.
Repeat for rest of marked locations.

Option 2: each bundle of fringe has two of same color.
As Option 1, except use two of each color. This option requires 5 of A and 4 of B on one end; 4 of A and 5 of B on the other (alternatively, cut 20 lengths of A and 16 of B, then use 5 bundles of A and 4 of B on each end).


  • SirGecko

    Go to hell Carolina go to hell!

    (Go Duke!)

    Also I like the scarf. Nice idea!

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