One stashalong gone... one started

Saturday, June 30, 2007
This morning I logged into Blogger to check out my various blogs (mainly to see if comments had been posted; my Bloglines account does a decent job of keeping up with actual posts). How shocked was I to see that Save Cash! Use Your Stash! was GONE! I don't mean missing, I mean it's not in my blogs list, and when you try the use the URL you get a Blogger 404 error. Dude! What happened! The blog owner had said she would kill the group, then so many of us said we'd help that she said she wouldn't kill it. And then she did anyway. Not cool, dude.

But, my spirits greatly improved when I got my invite to join the Stashalong blog group. Instead of counting value of yarn used, this group lets you set individual goals for destashification and WIPs converted. I think I'm going to do the "checkbook" option - count up how many skeins I have, and determine how many I think I can use up in the next two months. This way I don't have to promise a certain number of projects completed, and if I just have to buy some yarn I can... as long as I can still get through the percent of stash that I set as my goal.

Over the summer they are also having knitalongs within the stashalong - this month it's to do a gift/charity item. Since nearly all of my knitting is gift/charity I don't feel the need to participate this month (and would have to post all kinds of stuff today to do it anyway), but will keep an eye on it for the future. Seeing as this is the Year of Stash I've actually gotten through most of the WIPs - I think there are three hats in Purgatory right now. Two are still at the cast on stage, the other one has its brim done and needs the contrasting color cap to be joined and knit.

It's way friggin hot outside, but I got shots of the DH wearing her MagKnits thing for August. I hope they work for the magazine!


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