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Thursday, June 07, 2007
I just posted to the ITE4 blog a photo (arrangement in part designed by the DD) of the materials for my secret pal's bag... I'm all excited to get started and am seriously contemplating putting aside the latest proposal for MK (which is driving me nuts, ambiguous grammar deliberate) to work on it. Also to work on the bookmark for my newbie swap pal from Swap-Bot... Sigh. The problem with the MK project is that first it was one type of thing, then it was another. Now it's too short, but I'm out of yarn and can't find the same dyelot, so I have to rip half of it out (actually, 2/3rds) and rework it to be longer. Oi. I think it's time to put the needles down and back away slowly. And it had the cutest bindoff, too.

Honestly, though, I feel a bit more swamped than usual by all the stuff I'm working on. Why? It's not like I'm not used either to having three WIPs (and I mean actually IP, not just on the needles but sitting in the bottom drawer of the Stash Tower) or having a deadline (don't call me in December, I don't have time to answer the phone). Somehow it's that people are actually depending on me for finished product, and many of them are knitters so it's not like I can whip up a ribbed hat and wow them. Sigh. And yet, do I stop? No, of course not. However, I think when these three things are out of the way I will go back to chipping away at the Christmas and stash knitting (they overlap).

Here's what I'm thinking so far for the Xmas/stash project (not including names of recipients in the hopes there will be some surprises):
1 skein superwash: hat
2 skeins superwash: socks & mitts (matching)
2 skeins mohair blend: shawl (for myself! I believe in self-Santa!)
4 skeins sock: 2 adult & 2 baby pairs of socks
12 skeins shine sport: sweater
2 skeins cotton-ease: gloves
3 skeins boucle: toddler sweater

That's it for now. Wow, that's 23 skeins of stash used up! I might free up a drawer! If I were actually in the room with the Stash Tower I might think of more. I've got a ton of sari silk and am strongly leaning toward making a shawl out of it. Socks seem to be the theme this year - last year it was hats - so maybe I'll manage to make some that are more complicated than 6 rows of ribbing and the rest in St St. One can dream. Of course, there are more babies on the way (some are already here - neighbor is going in for C-section tomorrow), so there's always baby knitting. I figure summertime babies can wait until it's not so hot before they get knitwear - right now they'd probably rather be naked anyway. I would!

It's amazing to me the power of a popular website's recommendation. Rachel just posted some of my newer free patterns to the Free Knitting Pattern Directory, and my access stats (as counted by Google Adsense) tripled overnight. Wow. I gotta keep posting new patterns. What would you like to see? :)


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