International Tote Exchange 4

Friday, June 01, 2007
So I have received my partner for the ITE4, and sent her a little questionnaire to get a better idea of what she wants/would use in a tote bag. She's a quilter as well as a knitter, and since she often carries around multiple WIPs (don't we all) that are of small to moderate size. She also says she likes "muted" colors, though I'm not really sure what she means by that. Here's what I'm thinking:
1: A pretty sizeable bag - needs to hold at least two if not three sock/glove projects at a time.
2: Felted.
3: In greens, browns, and beiges. I have quite a lot of Patons merino wool that I like to felt in a dark olive, medium olive, lots of off-white, and some chocolate brown.
4: Doublestranded - this will let me combine colors and get some interesting colorways.
5: In blocks that I crochet on the outside together. I'm going for a slightly quilty look!
6: With dividers in the inside to allow for three big pockets in the body of the bag and two thin pockets along the sides (also inside). Difficult to describe; it makes sense in my head.
7: I just got a tote that has both handles and straps. I like this idea - when it's heavy I can just pick it up with the handles - when I'm walking for a ways I can use the shoulder strap. Hmmm.

Of course, I'm away from my stash right now and can't actually start working on the bag, but at least I can firm up the pattern in my head!

And speaking of firming up patterns, the one that I sent off to MagKnits as a proposal just ain't gonna happen. I've started this stupid shirt three times, and just can't get it to gel for me. Mom suggested I do a skirt for the dd instead - and I stayed up last night trying to imagine what the skirt would be. Ruffles or goring? Stockinette or pattern? Button closure or elastic? Since the yarn is a multicolor cotton, I'm thinking a simple stockinette with a dot pattern will be very cute (and easy), and that I can put in eyelet increases to make ruffles (also easy). And, if I start at the top, I can just work on it until I run out of yarn! woot!

Yesterday I toodled around Joann's while Mom was picking out some quilting materials. It's always interesting to me that the big box craft stores have certain yarns in common but then will go way out on a limb with others. I'd never looked at the Joann's yarns before - but they have some cool stuff. Semi-novelty, of course, but since I do a fair amount of knitting scarves and hats out of novelty yarn it's nice to know that there are some other (inexpensive) options. I was, however, disappointed in the weeny selection of Patons wool - I was hoping to supplement the stash and get started on my ITE4 bag. Instead I came away with some of the SWS soy/wool blend to make another one-skein bag. I'm in danger of having a series of "bags you can make with one skein". Not the end of the world!


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