Heather's Half Blanket

Tuesday, June 05, 2007
I've gotten seriously into knitting half and quarter sized baby blankets, and it's not because I'm lazy and can't complete a full one (witness: always knitting, often looking for projects). No, I knit these mini-wonders because they are great for lots of reasons. First, they fit in a carseat without having all that extra fabric, are easily carried by a toddler, and can fill in as a bib, lapghan, and babydoll blankie in a pinch. Plus, you can experiment with a funky yarn or intricate stitch pattern without worrying that it'll just be way too much in the finished product.

The latest: Heather's Half Blanket.
Heather is the second daughter of my favorite of my husband's cousins. I like making green blankets (family tradition), and got this yarn because it reminded me of her name (heathered) and the name of the yarn (Seaglass) makes me think of the very wide ocean that is between us.

Finished dimensions: approx. 31" by 22" (79cm by 56cm)

Materials: 2 skeins TLC Amore "Seaglass" (4.5oz/127gms to 214 yds/195m)
US 7 (4.5mm) 29" circular needles
Darning needle

Pattern: Feather & Fan, with garter stitch border
Row 1: K3 (K2Tog 3 times; [YO K] 6 times; K2Tog 3 times) repeat 8 times; K3
Row 2: K all stitches
Row 3: K all stitches
Row 4: K3 P144 K3

Cast on 150 stitches.
Knit all stitches for 5 rows.
Work Pattern 34 times
Work Row 1 of pattern once more
Knit all stitches for 5 rows.
Bind off in pattern as row 1, EXCEPT use M1 to increase rather than YO. This technique will make a rippled top to the blanket to match the rippled bottom.
Weave in ends.

Send to cousin with an explanation of why the blanket is small!


  • I love the blanket and would like to make one for my grandson but it says to cast on 15 stitches. Is this a typo?

  • KT

    Yes, thank you for catching that - it should be 150 stitches (I've edited in the post). Have fun making it - post a photo when you're done! KT

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