All over but the crocheting...

Friday, June 29, 2007
First of all, I'm pleased to say that I've finished the MK project and am sending it off to Kerrie tomorrow (need natural light for photographs). Thank goodness that's done!

Second, it would appear that I've finished the major part of the knitting for my ITE4 tote. I've got all the big parts done, and am just debating whether I will hate this bag forever if I choose to do pockets, or if I'll hate it forever if I choose not to. I'm one of those girls who prefers pockets, particularly in a tote this size, but am so sick of knitting stockinette that I did garter for the straps. You know things are bad when you're spicing up your knitting by avoiding the purling! Anyhoo. Things get attached together using some simple crocheting, and then it all gets "ruined" in the washer. I should be able to ship it off to my spoilee early next week!

On to musings... who knew that one of the most popular patterns I would post would be for a bookmark? Wack! Anita O of the Monthly Bookmark KAL (a Yahoo! group) asked if they could use it for one of their months coming up. How could I say no? On my to-do list for the week I thought I'd sketch out patterns for three more bookmarks. I identified seven from Walker's 2nd Treasury that I thought might be cool. So far two have fallen by the wayside - Track of the Turtle 2 and Ears of Grass. Because they offset the increases from the decreases they have a slight puff/tuck in the finished cloth... this is fine for a sweater but pulls a bookmark all out of shape. But hey, I've got five more options just from that one book.

The hands are feeling much better, though knitting with that much wool is a problem for me (remember, a: it's hot and b: I'm sensitive to wool). I was really motivated to finish the two projects (all but the crocheting) by tonight, so maybe I'll take a bit of a breather for a while. Yeah right, who am I kidding.

We watched Chronicles of Narnia this evening. Great movie. I had forgotten how much I had loved the books as a child - and how much I was impressed by the theology woven into an otherwise typical-feeling children's fantasy series. After all, if one of the major Christian apologists of the 20th century were to write a children's book, you wouldn't really expect it to be The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Tilda Swinton is fabulous as the White Witch, and I didn't catch that Aslan is voiced by Liam Neeson (usually I recognize these things). I'm highly amused that the faun Tumnus' only clothing is a bright red knit scarf. I wonder who made it for him...


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